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Inspector Bark

Lost & Found Pets... Is it Finders Keepers?


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Welcome to our show! Inspector Bark is committed in educating, bringing awareness & teaching the Community, far & wide, about animal welfare, rights and rescues! Each episode, we will be featuring guest speakers, discussing certain aspects, within the animal arena! We will also touch on current topics/events related to our best friends well being. Inspector Bark is here to make a difference in the dog's best interest~~~~his or her life! Nothing else matters! Join us on BlogTalkRadio! Wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm, EST. The first & third Wednesdays of the month. Come join our team! Serious dog lovers apply only! Thank you!

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Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith will be chatting with Inspector Bark on how he beliives we need stronger regulations when it comes to service/therapy/emotional support animals. This is prerecorded, prior to the podcast on May 31st. Wednesday. Airing at 6:30pm, EST.
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