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We are the leader in providing a vehicle for the author to talk to the reading audience and the audience to hear what the author has to say. Join in and listen to the most fascinating discussions with "cream-of-crop" writers about current and social issues, finances, self-improvement, romance, mortality and much more.

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Interview J.B. Bergstad Topics of conversation: Marrying young without college education Moving across country Working in the entertaining American broadcasting Industry Becoming a writer after retirement The importance of... more

Interview Claudia Newcorn Topics of conversation: Fantasy Writing How to paint with words Keeping a Thought Book What all Indie Authors should know about marketing Book Sales

Interview Michael Phillip Cash Topics of conversation: Bugs and Horror Stories Prepping for Natural Disasters Writing Horror Novels vs. Horror Screenplays Writing Formula for Horror Stories and other genres Living your writing Dream

Interview Michael Phillip Cash Topics of conversation: Balancing Family with Paranormal/Horror Writing Afterlife, Paranormal, Souls Ghosts and Horror Trends Screen and Novel Writing Self-Help and Investing in Yourself

Interview L.K. Samuels Topics of conversation: Chaos Theory vs. Control Social Application of Chaos Control and Our Human Nature Political, Economic and other Social Organizations and why they fail Message Samuels embedded with... more

Interview with Rick D. Niece Topics of conversation: What is A Side-Yard Hero? Bernie Jones influence on Rick's life Small Town America and the fuzzy feeling we get from them Being a "Memory Keeper" Literary Automythography,... more

Interview with Michael Fett Topics of conversation: Becoming a Writer from an eclectic background Using his background to create a flying serial killer thriller. From Homeless to the Top of the world. Learned Life lessons 3 things you need... more

Interview with Jackie Townsend Topics of conversation: Real life versus fiction Myths and Truths about The Italian Stallion Dealing with cultural shock What Americans should know before meeting the Italian family of their significant... more

Interview with Mark Wullert Topics of conversation: Raising Three Boys Inspiration for Writing Stumbling Blocks for Reluctant Readers Motivating Kids To Read Literature in the Era of the Internet The Stolen Adventure (Volume... more

Interview with Michelle Bellon Topics of conversation: Why and how did her writing begin Lack of knowledge of writers about publishing and marketing their work Writing at home with children. Making the time. Critique Groups... more