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Spiritual Awakening is an "Inside" job. If you aspire to spiritual development, realization, and enlightenment, you must merely look within yourself.

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Karen Keyes, our guest, was introduced to Quantum-Touch and in 2005, became a Certified Practitioner and later that year, a Certified Instructor. She will give us a brief instructor's view of this energy healing modality. Quantum-Touch is a... more

The month of Ramadan is over. Eid Mubarak. Have you noticed the first cousins in the Middle East are still dropping bombs on one another? Is there really an Astrological Mapping system that can tell us where on planet earth it is best for... more

This year, the Holy Month of Ramadan started on June 29. Over 1.5 billion Muslims, despite their sectarian differences, will be united to reinvigorate their faith.In a country where nearly one in four Americans don't want to have a... more

As We Continue...What Is Happening On Plant Earth? Remembering Ruby Dee along with husband Ossie Davis. You can't say one name without mention of the other. The Changing of The Guard. Our elders are leaving. Are you ready... more

As We Continue...A Little Bit Of This…..A Little Bit Of That... And Much Much More. Remembering Dr. Maya Angelou to remembering the Stolen Girls in Nigeria. From Climate Change to a husband's memory of the pregnant wife that... more

From lost planes (in Malaysia) to the 300 Stolen Girls in Nigeria. From Climate Change to Women still being stoned because they won't renounce their religion. What is Happening On Planet Earth? Are our emotions creating all this... more

On This Day Of Your Life……. Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Convrsation With God (CWG) series of books, has some wonderful quotes for daily inspiration ?On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to... more

Topic: Honoring Our Ancestors Is it my imagination or does it seem as though there are a lot of people, as well as animals, choosing to leave us and transition from physical to non-physical energy. Some choose to say they are dying.... more

The Cards of Life reveal the script of your entire life from birth till death. Each of the 53 (52 plus the Joker) playing cards represents a day in the year; therefore, your birthday unlocks the secrets of your personality to reveal what your talents... more

Join Duchess and Jewels as they explore Healthy-Spiritual ways to enjoy foods for life with their special guest DANI, Proprietor and Creator of "Sandy Apples Healthier Meals Options". Perhaps you will discover how to heal yourself... more