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Spiritual Awakening is an "Inside" job. If you aspire to spiritual development, realization, and enlightenment, you must merely look within yourself.

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When coping with grief there is no right or wrong way to grieve, but there are healthy ways to deal with the grieving process. With the loss of my mother April 5, 2019, I have been having my own transitions throught the grieving processes.... more

Mother loved Lena. All about Lena Stevens' Power Path. We missed April's Power Path. So let's bring the two months together for an update. In continuing the themes of truth, choice and action from the month of April, we move them... more

On April 5 2019 at age 91 years, my mother, Sameerah Islam, bid farewell to this lifetime. She wasn't sick. She wasn't alone. She was at her Friday Jumah Prayer Service and had just handed in her Zakat (Offering). My mother never missed a... more

We Create our own negative or positive mental tapes. That is part of what "creating our own reality" means. Improper Feeding of our Minds. Thoughts are things. Sometimes it's a chemical imbalance and we need medication. But,... more

First: Solar storms can cause fluctuations in our power grid and cause damage to satellites orbiting Earth. And they cause the magnetite in our brains to overload energetically. How are you doing? Second: Depression-A person who is... more

SoulMate relationships may not be what you think! Caution: Soul Mate Ahead! is a refreshing and honest appraisal of soulmate relationships by authors Janet Cunningham and Michael Ranucci. Duchess shares excerpts from their book of... more

Super Blood Wolf Moon. What is a Blood Moon? Power Path completion. Are you dragging and feel a little down and depressed? Try these exercises to do for two minutes a day that will make you immediately feel happier...

Opening up the New Year just right. Excerpts from a channeling from Kryon through Lee Carroll. A profound experience. 7 Gifts To Give Yourself and Why. Kryon as an angelic loving entity from the Source (or "Central Sun") who... more

For a wide variety of reasons, many of us find ourselves alone for the holidays. With the emphasis on families and being with others, the holidays can be an especially lonely and trying time, even for those of us who are usually okay... more

As we come to the close of another year, we begin to work towards our New Year's Resolutions. So we continue our house cleansing on the "House of Human Nature" It's well past time for us to wake up from that nightmare of negative,... more