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Going away to college is a time in a young persons' life that should be about discovery, learning, and making lifelong friends. However, as parents send their children away from home, some for the very first time, there is even more to be anxious about, especially their safety on campus. According to the Justice Department, "1 in 5 women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape." When these incidents occur on campus property they are in the jurisdiction of campus police, and many victims do not report, or are discouraged to report by school administrators. With sexual assaults, active shooters, and luring into human trafficking from our college campuses, the college experience has changed. Guest for the hour S. Daniel Carter will discuss these issues and what is being done to create real, enforceable guidelines for campuses to follow in order to make the environment safer for students everywhere.
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How do you write with a partner? Because Host Morgan St. James has co-authored six books, she is frequently asked questions like: Do you each write a chapter? Do you each write a character? Do you ever argue over scenes? How... more

Dialogue is the art of putting words in the character's mouths. It helps the writer tell the story and is a great way to reveal back-story (what happened to bring the characters to this point). Dialogue is also used to refer to a situation that one or... more

One of the avenues for crime victims to have a voice within the courts is through victim impact statements. Shattered Lives Radio talks with two champions of victims' rights, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley and attorney... more

As more and more of the incarcerated become senior citizens in prison, the costs to house them rise as well, by approximately three times the expense of younger prisoners. Older prisoners are quickly becoming vulnerable and neglected, often... more

A new show for writers, editors, literary agents, publishers and readers will launch on Blog Talk Radio on November 12. Writers' Tricks of the Trade with Morgan St. James, will discuss the many aspects of the business and craft of writing. Her... more

Shattered Lives Radio proudly welcomes Sandy Hein back to the show. With so much high profile sexual assault and murder crimes coming out of Virginia recently we will talk about the possibilities of how these crimes could have been... more

Combining the forces of law enforcement, well-known forensic experts, and college students the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI) has investigated several high-profile crimes including Natalee Holloway, Chanda... more

October is traditionally designated as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Shattered Lives Radio takes great pleasure in bringing back High Point, NC Police Chief Marty Sumner to help educate listeners about offender based... more

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is honored every October, often competing with other worthy, and more well known issues. To be sure there is exposure to the intimate partner violence cause, Shattered Lives Radio... more
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