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Shattered Lives Radio will talk with Amy Susan Crohn, a survivor of her brother Steve Crohn's suicide in August, 2013.New York Magazine gives the best description of the full, but often turbulent life of Steve Crohn, a man of many huge talents and best known as ?The Man Who Was Immune to AIDS.? Although, like many suicide victims, he had his ups and downs, those closest to him didn't see it coming. Returning guest, therapist Duane Bowers, will share with listeners his expertise in grieving and healing, even in these seemingly impossible situations. Unlike the theme song to M.A.S.H. suicide is painful, especially to those left behind feeling like they've been sucker punched and left with questions that take years of searching for answers, and finding none. The gaping hole in one's life left by the suicide of a loved one is unique in that commonly there isn't any warning, at least ones that are easily recognized. Survivors tend to re-live every moment of every day leading up to the event, and question themselves endlessly. Often professional help is needed to assist in moving away from the event itself, and to properly grieve and heal in a healthy manner.
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Frank's World features guets that include former mobsters and lawmen, entertainers and businessmen and women. Tonight Frank welcomes author, screenwriter and musician Jon D'Amore.

Bexley, Ohio Police Chief Larry Rhinehart joins Shattered Lives Radio to discuss his role in domestic violence prevention and advocacy. Currently serving as the board president for Choices, a direct service provider to victims of violence in... more

All across the country law enforcement agencies are called during hostage situations, whether hostages being held for demands, political purposes, or more commonly relationship disputes. None of the described situations tend to end... more

The legacy of Morgan Harrington, and the significance of her short life can not easily be forgotten when Gil and Dan stand side by side with other families whose children are lost or murdered, or give attention to whole villages that depend... more

Shattered Lives Radio guests, Christine and Daniel, bring listeners the latest information on their healthy salon experience: Products to protect hair and scalp for summer Keratin treatments, what is it good for? Do's and don'ts of hair... more

December 5, 2007, 39 year old Patrick Smith was killed in a traffic accident in Mansfield, CT. This was not just a routine accident, the driver of a truck ran a stop light and plowed into Patrick's vehicle which was legally stopped at the light... more

Dennis Griffin, best known for his mob-related true crime books, started his "after retirement" writing career writing mystery/thriller novels, one of the most popular, THE MORGUE. The novel is based on his work as an investigator looking... more

Shattered Lives Radio talks with experts from the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, Mary Drexler and Donna Zaharevitz, who will dispel a lot of the myths surrounding problem gambling, provide information about what is, or isn't,... more

In the wake of mass tragedies attributed to guns like Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, the Aurora, CO theater shooting, and the infamous Columbine, gun control has become one of the hot button topics in every home in the US. In... more
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