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Personality expert, astrologer, Dr. Craig Martin, clears the way for your journey. Get informed! Stay in touch with the most current ideas and thoughts in the awakening movement. Join us for live mini-readings in this fun and interactive call in show!

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Hard work is no work at all - not if you align with this Mars Saturn conjunction! Let's talk about it! Free mini readings! Call in!

Your natal chart is one of the greatest vehicles for finding your personal strength and making it real in your life. Find out how! Call in for free mini readings!

All twelve signs have their own unique harmonic vibration. It makes them what they are and it translates into our personalities and the events in our lives. By understanding the dynamic relationship between the signs we can come to... more

Jupiter goes into Leo. Saturn goes direct. Uranus goes retrograde. How are we keeping up with all this change? Tonight! Call in for live mini readings!

There's a grand trine in Water. Sun in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces. Grand trines are positive energies that bring good things into being. Let's look at how this energy affects us. And call in for a free mini reading!

The natal chart is something you can work with in layers. There are the planets, the signs, the houses, the aspects, transits, progressions, asteroids, and so on. As a tool for personal growth, your chart is a map to the journey of your life. It... more

The Sun goes into Cancer on Saturday. Peak time for the Sun's arc is now! How can we maximize all this energy and potential? Find out tonight! There will be live mini-readings.

Often thought of as connected to unconsciousness, Neptune is the planet that brings our unconscious to the conscious level. Finding our way through that process is complex and often filled with delusion. Now that Neptune has gone... more

Another retrograde Mercury? Yes! Don't discount the effect of this frequent and powerful energy. There will be free mini-readings!

As the planets move through the zodiac they express the movement and progress of the our times. That energy is never more evident than when a planet changes sign. Join Dr. Craig tonight as we look at planetary sign change and the look... more