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Learn the inner secrets of the acting business. We bring entertaining to entertainment. Hosted by actor\writer William Powell.

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In this episode of Inside Acting, your host William Powell chats with actor, and now teacher Delaney Williams (HBO's The Wire, and NBC's Law & Order: Crimminal Intent), who is teaching a new class called "An Approach for Actors".

Your host William Powell, the KDOC (King of DC Media), welcomes Dutch actor Shanice, the author of the Stars in the Eyes blog (, a fun, popular blog on her journey from Holland to Hollywood!

Your host, the King of DC Media, William Powell, welcomes comedian and storyteller Adam Ruben and takes calls from the hottest actors in the DMV, live from the actors' Studio BOH in Baltimore, MD (where they'll be a... more

William Powell, The King of DC Media (KDOM), chats with 1987 Oscar-nominee Sally Kirkland, who has appeared in such memorable films as The Sting, Anna and Private Benjamin.

William Powell, The King of DC Media, welcomes legendary actor Eric Braeden, star of such movies as 100 Rifles, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, The Titantic, and TV shows such as Mission Impossible, The Man from Uncle, The... more

Join me, your host William Powell, The King of DC Media (in a previously recorded episode) as I interview L.A.-based actor Tony Ellis (Boardwalk Empire) and DC-based Indie-Horror Queen Tracy Teague (The Haunting of Pearson... more

Join me, the KDOM (King of DC Media) and my co-host Nadia Williams as we welcome indie director Erik Christopher Myers (Roulette) and Baltimore actor Kelvin "Drama" Page; and Nadia reads the news.

Join me, William Powell, KDOM (That's King of DC Media), and my co-host Nadia Williams as we welcome back acting and modeling guru Aaron Marcus, who will demostrate a sample of his workshop with two up-and-coming... more

Join me, the KDOM (Kind of DC Media) as I interview white-hot director Alvin Gray and welcome back my good friend, Acting and Modeling guru Aaron Marcus, who will discuss his upcoming, May 5th, Baltimore workshop. And my fantastic... more

Listen to my interview with Baltimore-to-L.A. actor Gabriel Voss, who traded the legal profession for acting, and my co-host Nadia Williams reads the news!