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Learn the inner secrets of the acting business. We bring entertaining to entertainment. Hosted by actor\writer William Powell.

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Nationally known, Chicago-based, former Loyola University basketball star and model Nik'ol Garcia stops by to offer tips on entering the modeling business, all about the Body by Vi 90 day challenge, and how actors can get and stay in... more

Lawyer-turned-actor Gabriel Voss, who stormed into Hollywood the summer of 2011, returns to the show to discuss his various projects, including the 70s style detective film Shut Yo' Mouth and an exciting new science fiction dramedy in... more

Actor Gray Ellis returns, a year later, to Inside Acting with actor Joe Chacon and director Shannon Lannier to talk about the spy thriller film, FLEXX, which will be released next summer.

The King of DC Media, William Powell, welcomes Mr. Stu "Large" Riley, who played memorable heavies in Kick-Ass and The Shield, P. Diddy's bodyguard in Carlito's Way: Rise to Power, and comedies like The Best Man.

The King of DC Media, William Powell, welcomes filmmakers Sharin Nelson, Ashleigh Coffelt, Lorrie Smith, Deirdre McCullagh, T. L. McCoy and Marlene Zechman the first half hour, and Wayne Shipley, director of the Western The... more

The King of DC Media, William Powell, welcomes The World's Greatest Extra, Jesse Heiman, who has appeared as an extra, since 2001, in over 35 movies and TV shows, including Old School, American Pie 2, Detention and Entourage.

Legendary actor Eric Braeden returns to Inside Acting to talk politics, specifically the 2012 Presidential Election. Braeden has starred in movies such as Titanic and Colossus: The Forbin Project and TV shows such as The Young & The Restless... more

Here's my Turkey Day re-run of this fantastic show, about acting...and food! Actors and paisanos, your gracious host William Powell, The King of DC Media, welcomes actor, writer, model agency director and chef Vincent Fiore, who will... more

Kenneth Johnson, director, writer and producer of such 70s and 80s hits as the miniseries V, and the TV shows The Six Million Dollar Man, The Incredible Hulk, Alien Nation, Adam 12, and The Bionic Woman stops by to chat with The... more

The King of DC Media (KDOC), William Powell, welcomes director Jason Baustin (On Top) and later on, Blood + Kisses horror flick star and fitness expert Denise Masino.