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Inner Power Hour

Inner Power Hour with Dr. Antonia M


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What change do you want to make most in your life right now? Join us on this amazing journey and spiritual adventure! The “Inner Power Hour” hosted by "The Inner Power Doctor," Antonia M, PhD, helps you to harness your inner power and experience positive, radical growth. Learn to stop struggling and start flowing. Tune in, be enlightened, and make major breakthroughs in your personal, professional and spiritual life. Follow Dr. M on Twitter @DrAntoniaM. Dr. M is the author of The Inner Power Workbook and creator of the Prisoners InnerPowerment Program. Visit her site and subscribe to her free newsletter at www.HealingSpirit.com

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Inner Power Hour

Let Me Tell You What I’ve Seen a Shaman Do!

  • by Inner Power Hour
?Tell me what you've seen him do!? That's what my friend Jerry Mintz who runs AERO – the Alternative Education Resource Organization (http://www.educationrevolution.org) just asked me about the shaman I'm... more

How does your culture help or hinder you from living an authentic life? And when you have to choose between living in your truth and living in your culture, who wins the battle? The way we’re raised, indoctrinated, and programmed... more

How can you create, attract, and master what you want most in your life and live your ultimate dream? Dr. M helps listeners apply lessons from the Inner Power Workbook and the 12-week Inner Power Challenge to: 1. Find the “missing link”... more

If you are one of those people who want to know or connect more deeply with your purpose, and are serious about being effective in fulfilling it right now, this may be one of the most important broadcasts you'll hear this summer. If you're... more

We’re talking today about the spiritual reality – the metaphysics—behind swine flu. The anticipated swine flu pandemic has a lot of people talking and wondering, watching and waiting: How bad will it get? How far will it spread? How can I... more
Inner Power Hour

Peru Trip Vision Quest & Spiritual Retreat

  • by Inner Power Hour
Join us...and bring a friend! Machu Picchu/Peru Trip & Vision Quest with Shaman Don Victor Estrada and Dr. Antonia M Connect with Nature. Travel with Spirit. Commune with Self! Our next Peru trip is more than a mere vacation or tour, it's... more
Inner Power Hour

Metaphysics, the Election & America’s Fate

  • by Inner Power Hour
by Dr. Antonia M Print This | Share This | Discuss This (UPDATE Nov 5, 2008 - We have made a decision. We have chosen a path. America has selected Barak Obama as our new president. This, of course, is only the first step of a new... more

Are you ready for a deep exploration of your inner power? Do you want to use your inner senses to experience life on a brand new level? Would you like to learn how to tap directly into the God Force to do the impossible? On this exciting... more

Real-life psychic investigator and star of the hit television series, "Haunting Evidence" talks with Dr. M about intuition and psychic ability - two inner powers we all have but rarely use. "I know John personally," says Dr. M. "He is... more