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Not True Blue: Energy Vampires & You

  • Broadcast in Self Help



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"They'll take your soul if you let them, but don't you let them!" You know them. The Poor Soul. The Misused Martyr. The Drama Queen. The people who guilt trip you into listening to their tales of woe time after time. The ones with a million excuses why they must impose on you and you must let them. The one who disrespects your time and space again and again. Tale carrying gossips. The crybabies, critics and complainers. The inconsiderate ones who infringe on your "friendship" by dragging you into unpleasant situations. They are all Energy Vampires- in control of your life. You can't get rid of them with garlic! We all know Vampires must feed periodically. Energy Vampires constantly drain themselves of energy being reactive, upset, stressed and negative. They require frequent feedings from a willing host to maintain their level of negativity. That's where you come in. Your energy is further drained because your Authentic Self, your higher Be-ing is always striving to emerge, allowing you to control your life. The Authentic Self is at cross-purposes with the Energy Vampires and your Energy Vampire Self! There is no advantage, no gain from allowing Energy Vampires to suck up your precious energy! As you can see, you lose TWICE each time you host one. Feeling drained, you will need to attach yourself to a host and recharge. It's a vicious cycle driven by zapped energy and stolen dreams. But the unhealthy cycle will begin to crack the minute you decide to stop being a host/Energy Vampire. Join the Inner Net Divas as we call the Energy Vampires out and share ways to end the cycle of zapping energy we need to live our dreams!