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We're all on a journey without a destination. Join us at the kitchen table for some talk about Me-tours, bumps, crossroads and You-turns on the road to Higher Self. In the meantime, every day, Live Like You Mean It!

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Corny, stupid, funny or downright disrespectful, pick up lines are used with varying success. Not everyone wants to hear "you must be tired because you've been running through my mind all day". Meant to get attention, pick up lines, like... more

You have seen them. Sitting on mountaintops or in some jaw dropping natural setting. Serene, ultra calm like they would not even think of yelling or getting angry. Perfect yoga pose. You just know they don't eat junk food or have a gut.... more

THE LITTLE THINGS WE SAY turn into the big things we do. Idle statements that we don't genuinely mean. The stuff we say without fully understanding the impact of the words. Things we repeat simply because we have heard them... more

You promise yourself that you will not allow anything or anyone to get on your last strong nerve. Then it happens. BOOM! And it happens again, wrecking your flow. We cannot tell you how to you should deal with frustrating situations but... more

No matter how hard we work to create and maintain inner peace, something or someone will show up to grind that last good nerve! Sometimes you see it coming and other times, it sneaks up on you. Whether we are ready for it or not, what... more

The Perfect Ones. You have seen them. Heard them. Perhaps even quoted them. Longed to be like them. What do they know that we don't know? Are they really all that perfect? Would you be better if you knew their secrets? Let's... more

Sick and tired of being sick and tired. I shoulda woulda coulda. I don't complain because it wouldn't do any good anyway. I have always done it this way. Mama always did it this way. My friends act funny towards me when I change for the... more

Dust. Cobwebs. Junk. Traditionally, Spring is the time for deep cleaning and we generally confine that ritual to our physical spaces. What about our inner spaces? Is your spiritual house dusty? Is your body a room full of junk? Are... more

Talking loud, saying nothing but The Negative is what our inner conversation is about much of the time. We use negative energy to get what we want. Attention. Care and support. Feeling loved and needed. We may experience those things... more

Yes, we are encouraging you to have an affair! In fact, we insist that you engage in a deep, unconditional love affair with your self. All other love that comes into our lives is a reflection of the strength of our Self love. Unconditional love for... more
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