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Inner Healers is a world-wide community of people who believe in a concept: "Healing comes from the Inside, as well as all the answers needed to live a happy, healthy life." As such, has set the Inner Healers Radio to provide online guidance for people to connect thru emotions with their natural inner state of health. Peruvian show host and founder of Inner Healers, Luciana Stiglich, is a bornt Healer who worked her way thru 13 years of experience in International Relations. For the past 9 years Luciana has fully dedicated her life to studying and integrating different healing techniques while guiding others into connecting with their Inner Self. She is the founder of the Inner Healers: an integrative health-oriented concept that works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to enhance our journey. This radio is Inner Healers' voice online. Through all our guests and callers, we hope to create a space for sharing our unique healing paths. Many people around the world have improved their lives thanks to the Inner Healers' worldwide community. Join us every Wednesday 12:00 pm PET for a joyful experience!

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"It is our struggle against death that renders us invulnerable to life, and love. Death is not the enemy. Death teaches us the art of surrender, which is the essential energy that opens us to receive the abundance awaiting our opening.... more

Why is it important to develope a gratitude practice? Learning to connect with and enjoy your own inner qualities and the people that love you, as well as your community and nature, can increase positive affect and help rewire your brain... more

"When we feel empty, broken, damaged and demeaned, we have forgotten the spirit within us. The tyranny of cravings and excessive willfulness dehumanize and despiritualize life, leaving us without satisfaction or serenity. When we treat... more

"The fully armored knight on his faithful steed presented itself to my mind this morning as a perfect metaphor for us as spiritual travelers on the path.The knight's journey is our journey – it is the journey to wholeness, peace and... more

Can sex be a spiritual experience? Can there be fulfillment in sex without spirituality? Are men or women more inclined to look for spirituality in sex? Is there a soul in pleasure? Is there a spirit in sexuality? "These could be great... more

What is the Other Side? Is there a Spiritual Connection with the Other Side? How do we know it's there? Do we have to be a psychic or medium to tap into it? What does being psychic/medium means? Listen to our Inner Healers Radio while... more

"What do you identify yourself with? How do you describe yourself? Does this create a sense of stress or joy in your life? The most basic of identities e.g. "I am a woman", when consciously questioned, can bring up a mixed bag of... more

Spiritual Empowerment has to do with the way in which we fulfill our Sacred Contracts, our mission for this lifetime. What does Spiritual Empowerment mean? What are Sacred Contracts? Listen to this and more when healer, radio host and... more

"Addictions are not easy. It's a heavy burden to feed these insatiable, ever expanding beasts. And their stories are filled with anger, despair, insanity and trauma. As addiction progresses, artificial euphoria and symbolic power diminish... more

"Change is a constant and it is accelerated right now in the throes of a big evolutionary change. Also, this is the month of October in which many things will occur in terms of earth movement. The more we work with resistance in the... more
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