Your Spiritual Journey, with Lynne Forrest.

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Inner Healers

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"The fully armored knight on his faithful steed presented itself to my mind this morning as a perfect metaphor for us as spiritual travelers on the path.The knight’s journey is our journey – it is the journey to wholeness, peace and the reality of who we essentially are. Blessings on your way to finding its grace." ~says Forrest, author of “Life Beyond Victim Consciousness” and non-traditional practitioner who through twenty three years of experience in private practice has developed a unique work oriented to coming into right relationship with ourselves, to explore how our unhappy beliefs about self and the world are formulated as a result of our early childhood confusion and resultant wounding.

Join Lynne and Luciana on a 30' interview thru our Inner Healers Radio about how to identify your own Spiritual journey.

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