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Inner Guide Empowerment is a Heart-centered, Purpose-driven show to bring healing and positive energy to individuals and communities throughout the world. The show is hosted by Brad Simkins, MA, LCMC. Inner Guide Empowerment is more than a radio show... we are creating a radio community, for people to come every week to find inspiration, healing, enlightenment, and to increase the tools in their toolbox. When Brad decided to start up this radio show, it was really clear to him that there was a lot of pain, separation, fear and hopelessness that many felt throughout our planet.... Recognizing that this pain, fear and hopelessness was a symptom of our disconnect - with ourselves, our Inner Guide, our connection with source (God, the Universe...) and with one another, Brad wanted to dedicate this show to empowering people by reconnecting them, starting with their inner guide. Brad’s goal is to bring people together in a worldwide talking circle, and create a container of safety to support and encourage conversations with them, focusing on their dreams, their passions, their fears, their self-defeating behaviors, and how we can support them in creating the life of their dreams. Brad Simkins has been a counselor, family therapist, executive director, professional parent, advocate and healer for more than thirty years. His specialty is working with people in their home or office, to provide them the optimal setting for safety and trust. Brad has discovered that when people are in their home environment, it is easier for them to integrate the skills they learn into their daily life. Brad has an unconditional positive regard and dedication to support you, our listeners, in your healing and well being. He has a strong belief that we all are the expert of ourselves, eventually becoming our own best counselors. Brad’s approach is that we grow and learn through our relationships with others. It is by this in-depth exploration of the intense positive relations

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