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Living an Integrated, Authentic, Spiritual Life

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As much as we may want to live truly integrated, affirmative and positive lives, we are often frustrated in our efforts to do so. The ideas of oneness, abundance and well-being sound good but are not so easy to live when old belief patterns continually trump new ideas of wholeness and wellness.

Living an integrated and authentic spirituality is about being able to truly live what we know in our hearts to be true without having to reject any part of ourselves. One of the keys to living a spiritually integrated life is the practice of self-compassion which is central to my work.

I developed The Liberation Processin response to the desire in myself and others to dismantle the limiting, self-created illusions created by outdated beliefs and assumptions, thereby living a more fulfilling, authentic life. This four step process is a major shift in the way we attend to our inner being thus creating a new relationship with ourselves and our world.

Yvonne Racine, The Relationship Coach is a certified life coach, ordained Unity minister, Life Celebrant and certified Personal Development Facilitator. Yvonne has been involved in personal and spiritual development for 25 years as well as having many years of business experience. She has a passion for getting to the core of life and revealing truth. Yvonne left ministry and developed The Liberation Process in response to the growing awareness that for many people a step seemed to be missing on the spiritual journey; the need to make peace with the past and with being human thus integrating what has been and what is so that something new could be brought forth and experienced. Yvonne shares a unique and compassionate perspective on life and the human condition which facilitates the changes needed to live spiritually integrated and happier, more fulfilling lives.

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Living an Integrated Authentic Spiritual Life
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