Increasing Your Deserve Level

Inner Guide Empowerment

Inner Guide Empowerment

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Our journey is paved by the choices we make in life and in business, choices in what we think, feel and how we respond. Lisa’s transformational Increasing Your Deserve Levelä Series is powerfully rich with ways to celebrate the best of who we are now as we continue to develop who we want to become.


What might happen if you put yourself first just a little more often? Discover ways to nurture yourself, leveraging your thoughts, words and emotions for more confidence, courage, peace and results.  


Join us to discover ways to turn your possibilities into realities! 

Lisa Litwinski, BA Psychology, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified True Colors Facilitator, is an engaging Professional Speaker, Facilitative Trainer, and Kaleidoscope Consultant. A strong believer that how we direct our attention and intention impacts the passion, purpose and potential we experience every day, Lisa is the creator and publisher of the wildly popular Today, I Chooseä daily inspiration cards that offer individuals, teams and families 182 ways to consciously focus on successful thoughts feelings and actions.


Lisa is a reframing expert who has trained thousands and coached hundreds on how to move from stuck to solutions. Her work with individuals, teams and organizations is centered around building confidence, expanding comfort zones, refocusing on what is possible and letting go of what holds us back. In addition to empowering people to Increase Their Deserve Levelä at work and in life, Lisa works with businesses to Create Leaders at Every Level, using True Colors as one resource to help teams grow, connect and appreciate what motivates people to do the things they do.


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Increasing Your Deserve Level
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