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Discover your source of authentic healing and growth by awakening to the light and shadow elements of your own heart.

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How self confident are you? In the absence of self confidence we all carry a degree of low self esteem. Some of us cover it with the façade of confidence while other's remain transparent. We all inherently crave the... more

Is your life governed by meaninglessly going through mechanical motions of routines, habits, and empty values? Do you know how to invite the expression of art into your life? With your life nourished by artistic expression, the otherwise... more

Seeking answers, direction, and truth from others outside of self ultimately lands us in a pit of disempowerment through losing self. Graduating from seeking knowledge from outside sources is necessary to birth the development of our... more

The modern drugs of choice are Facebooking, Tweeting, Instagraming, Googling, and texting… are you hooked healthfully or disastrously? In the name of connecting our attention to easily accessible information and other people via... more

It's been said that the cause of all broken hearts is unmet expectations. How can expectations be so shattering to the psyche? All forms of relationships come with expectations projected from both people. Unless there's conscious consideration,... more

From the perspective of the psyche, when we project we go into denial of aspects of self and see those denied parts in other people as they serve as the screen onto which we project. If we're unaware of our projections, we are blinded by... more

Sex is everywhere we look, yet if we focus with sensitivity we may discover that disrespectful expressions of sex are widely accepted in the public eye, yet respectful attitudes of sex are more forbidden than ever before! Why, in both the... more

What does money represent to you? Are you aware of how it can represent multiple feelings and beliefs that conflict with each other? Our relationship with money is perhaps in an unchanging frozen state when we relate to it at face... more

If, like so many other activities, eating is 90% mental, what is the quality of the relationship you have with your food? Are your eating behaviors being expressed upon a destructive back drop of aggressive inner conflict, will power struggles,... more

Was the genesis of Lance Armstrong's drive for greatness sourced less from altruistic values and more from a desperation to escape his shadow side? After a decade and a half, Lance Armstrong's story has recently culminated in his... more