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An honest and intelligent journey through the political and social landscape of the country.

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The art of filmmaking is to tell a story through film. Films influence culture and societies. How are stories developed? What are the challenges of raising capital through such vehicles as Kickstarter compared to traditional means? Has the... more

Are cities shifting their financially-burdensome citizens to suburban municipalities? Are we promoting further community disarray by moving our most financially-vulnerable citizens away from the city core and its many services?... more

What are the policy differences between Pres. Bush's "No Child Left Behind" and Pres. Obama's "Race to the Top?" What is the success rate for both policies? Why is there a partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans in... more

Why is it necessary to bridge the growing divide between atheists and religious adherents? If you are a person of faith, is it worth while to find common ground with an atheist? If you are an atheist, what can you learn from a person... more

What is the relationship between the growth of the prison system and the Emancipation Proclamation? Is there a defining difference between plantation life and the convict leasing system? What is the effect of marijuana on mass... more

THERE'S A DELAY AFTER INTRO. SHOW BEGINS AT 4:15 MARK. NO ADDITIONAL AUDIO ISSUES. Will Lebron James remain in Cleveland? Will Mike Brown survive as head coach in Cleveland? What impact will Michael Jordan's... more

Tonight's show features Nigerian-born musician, Kuku. His captivating sound can be described as jazz, soul and folk.

After the intro, there's a 3 minute delay of total silence because my guest was not ready :-(. Skip that and the intro plays again and the interview starts. No problem with audio from that point on! Will injuries plague the Celtics in the playoffs?... more

Is Limbaugh the leader of the GOP? Will Blagojevich prevail? Do you agree with Stimulus Plan? Is Sarah Palin planning for a 2012 run? Should Obama use political capital?

Who are the Repubs referring to as Pro-American? Does Colin Powell's endorsement matter? Is the Acorn controversy a pre-emptive strike? What is going to happen to the Republican Party?
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