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The mission of InLight Radio: To share the light. To spread the love. To anchor the new. We are a group of dedicated lightworkers assisting with the co-creation of Nova Earth, a New Age, and a world that works for everyone (team photos near the bottom of this page in Show Extras). Upcoming broadcasts and show archives of An Hour with an Angel, Cosmic Vision News, and Heavenly Blessings available below. Archives of Our Galactic Family, The Light Agenda, and Let's Talk 2012 and Beyond are also available. Click on the blue "follow" tab located at the bottom of the InLight Radio logo on this page to receive regular reminders for each show. We welcome your comments. You can leave comments at the bottom of each show page. If you'd like to reach an InLight Radio team member directly, click on the "message" tab below the InLight Radio logo on this page. Enjoy the show!

Upcoming Broadcasts

Suzanne Maresca and Linda Dillon welcome Gaia's Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara to the show this week. The focus of our discussion will be the true meaning of abundance within the context of Universal Law and Creation. Humanity is at a critical juncture in our evolutionary process, and many are experiencing challenge of a financial nature when it would be most helpful to be free of any such concern. Guidance around this topic will indeed be most welcome. Tune in for another fascinating conversation with our beloved Raj! Music: Sasha Lazard, Angeli and Snatam Kaur, Long Time Sun Please consider supporting our efforts with a donation so that we may continue providing our radio programs for free. Find out more by clicking on this link and select the donate tab, then the "team donation" or "site donation" button. Thank you.

On-Demand Episodes

Stephen Cook's guest is FRAN ZEPEDA, healer and channeller of Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven, Sananda, Yeshua and Mira The Pleaidian. Fran's life story is one of confidence finally triumphing over fear, abuse, chronic... more

In Light Radio introduces its first live call in program that lets the listeners ask the questions. Dave Schmidt will be hosting various guests every Tuesday at 6 pm Pacific Time for the readers/listeners of The 2012 Scenario blog site. Dave's... more

A SPECIAL BROADCAST of Cosmic Vision News will follow An Hour With An Angel (see details further down) Linda Dillon channels Archangel Michael this week. Steve Beckow interviews and Graham Dewyea produces. Rather... more

CVN host, Geoffrey West offers news, talk and commentary about the latest events unfolding with regards to what is arguably the most guarded secret, and yet the most important event to improve the human and planetary condition.... more

Graham Dewyea presents with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love a show on the complete 13th Octave Initiation - the process of Divine Union and the foundation of your Ascension process. The 13th Octave is where we are... more

Stephen Cook's guest is spiritual writer and investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker and "first wave volunteer", the highly intuitive SCOTT MOWRY. Scott discusses his role as a "spiritual warrior"; his work as a writer and documentary... more

This Tuesday will have Dave and Sierra discussing how to talk about ascension, disclosure, the mass arrests, etc with family and friends. Join us as we learn from each other to deal with this senstive topic. In Light Radio introduces its first live... more

Two shows: An Hour With An Angel followed by a special Cosmic Vision News show immediately after. Move down for CVN Summary. Hour With An Angel: 0-60 minutes: This week's show continues to look at the theme of peace with... more

June 22, 2012 Show Overview. The full newscast is now uploaded and available. Please note, there is not enough space here to put all the links. Please go to to get the full summary. The short link to listen:... more

Graham Dewyea presents Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon. Our guest this week is Archangel Gabriel who provides us gifts and guidance to help us feel secure and well cared for during this period of transition, and so we can fulfill... more
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