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This week on Heavenly Blessings, St. Germaine wants to come and speak to us about our inter-dimensional galactic selves. The purpose is to share with listeners and readers that we are not simply our 3D self, but so much more: galactic,... more

As we said earlier this week, on this Monday's Hour with an Angel, we hear from Lord Maitreya, long expected as a central figure in the Return of the Masters. He's hailed as a World Teacher and says he'll begin his world speaking tour later this... more

Cosmic Vision News - 31MAYLISTEN: http://bit.ly/12V01oy SUMMARY/LINKS: website blog still offline due to hack attack -- please go to goldenageofgaia.com, click CONTACT US, and request show summary for CVN. ARCHIVE:... more

This week's Heavenly Blessings features another surprise for us... Jesus Sananda talking about The Practicality of Love. Yeshua requested a chat with us about how love is the practical choice for everyday life, what that looks like and... more

In this week's An Hour with an Angel, we ask Sanat Kumara to give us a round-up and an update on the world's progress towards Ascension. We look at how many people are now ready to ascend if full restoration occurred today.... more

Lift Your Spirit: So the Energy of the New Can Circulate - A Special Message As i said at the end of last week's show, I've put Lift Your Spirit 'on pause' for the time being. You can hear a full explanation as to why by listening to the special... more

Cosmic Vision News - 24MAYLISTEN: http://bit.ly/10Spk89 SUMMARY/LINKS: Blog is offline due to hack attack. Please go to: www.goldenageofgaia.com and click and request CVN show summary. ARCHIVE: Archive is currently offline... more

DUE TO ILLNESS, LINDA IS UNABLE TO DO THIS WEEK'S PROGRAM. In its place, we are re-airing a show from June 4th, 2012. Sanat Kumara tells us this is a time of wonderful change, creation and the unfoldment of the Divine... more

Lift Your Spirit: Special Guest - Suzanne Lie Stephen Cook, host of the 2012 InLight Radio series The Light Agenda, presents Lift Your Spirit, a special Sunday night program YOU can be part of. We've all been looking for evidence... more

Cosmic Vision News - 17MAYLISTEN: http://bit.ly/10QuE1o FULL SUMMARY/LINKS: http://bit.ly/10DMuz0 ARCHIVE: http://bit.ly/NSsiUn1. Astronaut Becomes Commander, Thrills The World, And Returns A Celebrity 2.... more
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