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The mission of InLight Radio: To share the light. To spread the love. To anchor the new. We are a group of dedicated lightworkers assisting with the co-creation of Nova Earth, a New Age, and a world that works for everyone (team photos near the bottom of this page in Show Extras). Upcoming broadcasts and show archives of An Hour with an Angel, Cosmic Vision News, and Heavenly Blessings available below. Archives of Our Galactic Family, The Light Agenda, and Let's Talk 2012 and Beyond are also available. Click on the blue "follow" tab located at the bottom of the InLight Radio logo on this page to receive regular reminders for each show. We welcome your comments. You can leave comments at the bottom of each show page. If you'd like to reach an InLight Radio team member directly, click on the "message" tab below the InLight Radio logo on this page. Enjoy the show!

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"With news around, upon, within and beyond our planet, it is the newscast making disclosure official" Cosmic Vision News is believed to be currently the only newscast of its kind. It is attempting to lay the foundation for the future of journalism. CVN does not claim to broadcast 'truth', because 'truth' is subjective and relative to each individual in each moment of 'now'. It is a journalism of perspectives, and each individual is invited to use whatever messages or information that are meaningful for the individual, while setting aside any information that does not currently resonate with the individual. CVN does its best to offer a variety of news, and does so with both a galactic and spiritual perspective. As the human and planetary consciousness continues to shift into higher and higher frequencies, CVN is the only known newscast that considers this transition in the presentation of '3D' news. Humanity is being called to make new choices, and our responses to current events have the potential to shape what our planet and what humanity become in the future. "I cannot stress enough the value of hearing the news from CVN! The mainstream media presents the 3rd dimensional view and is unaware or unwilling to state a higher 5th dimensional view. The 3rd dimensional view can create much fear; the 5th dimensional view will create much joy as we realize the immense value of what is waiting behind the scenes for each of us. Geoffrey understands and knows the 5th dimensional view. He shares both 3rd dimensional and 5th dimensional views of a news story, such the financial upheaval in our world. The old systems must fall away in order to make room for the new and far superior!" - Nancy Detweiler, - Pathway To Love Blog
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Cosmic Vision News - 08MAR Show Summary - For full summary with all links, please go to: ARCHIVE: TWITTER: @Greenprint4LIFE LINKEDIN: FACEBOOK:... more

We continue our series on the divine qualites with Mary Magdalene to discuss the quality of beauty, both inner and outer - to be in a state of beauty with all that is, in all realms, physical, emotional and spiritual. To be in a state of beauty is... more

Cosmic Vision News - 01MARFull summary with all links, please click link below: SUMMARY/LINKS: LISTEN: ARCHIVE: TWITTER: @Greenprint4LIFE LINKEDIN: more

We continue our series on the divine qualities with the quality of purity, the twin sister of clarity. Purity encompasses the ability to remain centered when there is chaos, temptation, or lack of harmony. Our guest will be St. Theresa of Liseux,... more

For this week's show, we will be inviting back a member of the Neptune's science and technology team, Serenia who was previously interviewed on this program on July 24th of last year. At that time, she spoke of the various degrees or levels... more

Cosmic Vision News - 22FEB Show Summary - click link below for FULL summary with all links to stories FULL SUMMARY/LINKS: ARCHIVE: TWITTER: @Greenprint4LIFE LINKEDIN:... more

We continue our series on the divine qualities with Mother Mary to discuss the quality of hope, which encompasses serenity; total and perfect calm. Much has been discussed on this site and on the radio shows about the divine qualities,... more

An Hour with an Angel invites Ashira, Commander of the Intergalactic Forces, to come on the program to discuss the impact of the new plan for Ascension, which takes into account the request from the human collective for a more gradual run... more

Cosmic Vision News - 15FEB SummaryPlease click on link below for full summary and links SUMMARY/LINKS: LISTEN: ARCHIVE: TWITTER: @Greenprint4LIFE... more

We continue our series on the divine qualities with the quality of fortitude, which encompasses courage, endurance, forbearance, patience and stamina. Much has been discussed on this site and on the radio shows about the divine qualities,... more
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