Rob Coleman

Financial Freedom

by Rob Coleman

 - Fri, Aug 29 2008

Achieve financial freedom via the power of cumulative online streams of income

Financial freedom is a situation where you are constantly making more money than you are spending, without having to work. To achieve this, you need to have multiple streams of income.

An example of a stream of income is renting out apartments. If you have two properties that you can rent out for $1,000 each, then you are said to have an income stream of $2,000 per month.

To make money without having to work is of course a very ideal situation, but it can be hard to achieve using traditional methods. The three most popular ways are:Collecting income by renting out properties
Keeping profits as a business owner
Living off the dividends as a shareholder of a public listed company

All three of the above require you to have a lot of money invested in the first place. Traditionally, making returns of $10,000 per month requires you to have at least a million dollars in modal.

Today, with the use of technology, there is a fourth method that is fast becoming very popular. It is now possible to cheaply create online steams of income via the internet. The prerequisites are:A computer
An internet connection
Basic knowledge on how to surf the internet

There are two parts to achieve financial freedom – “Finance” and “Freedom”.

Let’s start with “Finance”. To make money online, you will need something to sell. You need a product that interests a wide range of audience, that is easy to sell, and that is profitable to you. In the most ideal of situations, your profit is 100% of the selling price.

To obtain “Freedom”, whatever you sell needs to be able to automatically sustain itself. What this means is that you need a website that that can automatically collect payments, send the product, update itself regularly, and provides its own market materials.

Sounds very theoretical doesn’t it? A website that:Is easy to sell
Let’s you keep 100% of the profit
Automatically collects payment
Automatically sends the product
Updates itself regularly
Provides marketing material

How much would you pay for an opportunity like this? And I haven’t even mentioned yet that such opportunities should be cheap for you to join as well.

Well, the truth is that such websites are hard to find, but they do exist.

One example is This website is probably the cheapest and fastest way to start making money online. Of course, as you might already have figured from the domain name, making $2 each time is not a lot of money. The trick is to do it many times, over and over again. This is known as an accumulative stream of income.

With, all you need to do is to link to the marketing material this is provided. You can link to it via any form of online communication – emails, forum posts, blogs, social networking sites, etc.

Everytime someone clicks on one of your links and makes a purchase, you will make some money. The more links you leave, the more money you will make. The more creative you are at getting people to click on your links, the more money you will make. The longer your link stays visible to people, the more money you will accumulatively make.

Once you establish a network of such links, you will have an additional stream of income.

For ideas on how to create such a network, please have a look at:

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