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A show about PASSION. A show about PURPOSE. A show about finding that SPARK that sets your soul ablaze and what it takes to keep the flame burning! INfluential is a platform for the world's thought leaders, change agents and top influencers to share their story. The show is moderated by The Wonder Wives, a group of women committed to making marriage and relationships flourish. The group founder combined her media expertise with her desire to help people grow and entered a field where both skills are absolutely essential--personal and professional development consulting. She has helped clients from all walks of life identify their passions, develop those passions into compelling brands, and deliver those brands to the world through the use of public relations and marketing strategy. In her travels she met achievers from all fields, and though their backgrounds were diverse, she noticed a common thread: They all had to struggle to reach their goal, but they all had secret methods to help them navigate the dark, tough terrain and achieve OUTRAGEOUS SUCCESS. So many people give up in life because we want things easy, quick, safe. Media glamorizes the rewards but doesn't discuss the road to get there. INfluential is the roadmap; the story behind the story; the secret to success. Tune in and learn how to manifest your highest potential...and most importantly, to enjoy the journey on the way up!

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According to reports, marriage will be extinct in 30 years. With divorce on the rise, marriage at an all time low, and nontraditional families becoming more common, the fate of marriage is questionable. In the midst of a dark outlook, one... more

Fascinating Womanhood (FW) is a handbook written in 1963 to teach women the principles of how to make your marriage a life-long love affair. The author Helen Andelin passed away in 2009, but her work lives on as the book has become a... more

Join guest expert Rashida KhanBey as she delves into the topic of "Bringing God Into Our Intimate Relationships." Rashida is a love and intimacy coach, speaker and writer who guides women to embrace their sensuality so they may show... more

Join Lifestyle Experts Sarni and Azeeza on this special segment called Livin' & Lovin as we "rap" with Crystal Wall, wife of Grammy-nominated rapper Paul Wall. She has amassed a following as a popular Zumba instructor and is an... more

Has the spice gone out of your relationship? Are you confused about what true intimacy is and how to create it? Do you want to bring happiness and fulfillment back into your love life? Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zental Weaver are... more

Capulets and Montagues. Cats and Dogs. Crips and Bloods. History has been filled with epic rivalries, but none so fierce as that of the Wife and the Mistress #glovesoff! Our guest expert, Dee Johnson, is a licensed clinician who teaches... more

Are you ready for an existence filled with excitement, joy and love?! Transform your life NOW and join us on the show with our guest expert, intuitive soul coach and healer, Vanessa Codorniu. Vanessa combines practical coaching skills... more

Two of the premier experts in the women's empowerment field combine minds to solve the complex web of romantic relationships. Angel, from Angel's Erotic Solutions travels the country teaching women how to please their men in the... more

Join me for our INNERview of the INfluential business owner Katina Leaks of The Meow University, a business based on Chicago's South Side that seeks to sexually educate and empower women. With classes on topics such as fellatio,... more
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