The Change Agent's Dilemma: How to Influence Change Without Authority


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The position of internal change agent – wherever it falls in the organization – can be a tricky one. You are responsible for influencing the organization, usually without the direct authority to do so. This show explores the different ways to influence organizational change, from the point of view of someone who is not calling the shots.

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It is widely cited that verbal communication makes up only 7% of a total message during a conversation. That is, 93% percent of the meaning within the conversation comes from outside the words that we use. These non-verbal... more

The Suggestion Guru Lara Fordis stops by The Change Agent's Dilemma to share a number of different tools you can use to collect employee feedback. She also shares factors to consider when selecting a feedback tool, and also talks about... more

Do you feel like you're pushing a boulder uphill when it comes to changing your organization? Ever wonder if you are using all the tools at your disposal to make change happen? This week, host Heather Stagl outlines Ten Essential Tools for... more

The Change Agent's Dilemma welcomes Dr. Janet Hecht, Managing Principal of Talent by Design Consulting and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, to share her experience and expertise in designing performance management... more

Bestselling author of QBQ: The Question Behind the Question John G. Miller stops by The Change Agent's Dilemma to share the concept of personal accountability and how to make it a core value in your organization.

Employee surveys are useful tools for understanding the beliefs, attitudes and opinions of an organization as a whole. Surveys are commonly used in pursuit of change to discover and understand organizational culture, resistance, morale,... more

As a change agent, you work to create organizational alignment around your initiative to make sure everyone is moving in the same direction. In this episode, host Heather Stagl welcomes Jeff Lebow, P.E. of Alignment at Work, LLC to... more

Since it's the New Year, you may be renewing your efforts to get approval for a change initiative or project that you want to see happen. Unfortunately, not everyone in your organization has the same understanding or feels as strongly... more

Tune in on Tuesday, December 8 to learn 3 myths about organizational change. Change agents who buy into these beliefs may find their initiative stuck in a rut. Learn more about how to influence change in your organization at... more

Almost everyone in corporate America (and beyond) can relate to having to deal with a boss or another organizational leader who lacked self-awareness. Leaders who are oblivious to their own negative impact on colleagues... more
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