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Discussing Hu-man-Evolution, Healing Practices and Technology, Conspiracy Theory and the Planet Earth Drama(s) including Solar-System/Universe-organism knowledge, Paranormal, Spirituality among multiple planes/levels of consciousness such as Shamanism/Sorcery and Biblical-Masonic/Illuminati driven syntax's and abstract-cores. Guided by your host Randy Nobower. Join me on our path down the rabbit-hole into the crux of Infinite Possibility here at INFINITY RADIO. Guests are welcome to call-in at anytime.

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South-Spin your water Health

  • by infinityradio

A conclusive analysis of pseudo-Christianity. Explaining the obvious (but overlooked) biblical contradictions with Pragmatic Emphasis by Bill Maxwell. Tune-in and turn-on your Common-Sense people!

SuperChimps show Links

  • by infinityradio
Show Line up___________________Introduction to Honda's "ASIMO" Technology. Battery Information site: First... more

Genetic engineering: Humans are Modified SuperChimps & An introduction to Honda's "ASIMO" Technology. Briefing on the brain wave to sound/video conversion Technology Just around the corner. Possibility of Egyptians using... more

Anunnaki Face-Off Radio Show 8/1/10 Reference LINKS and Info

  • by infinityradio
Anunnaki Show reference information taken from: DANA (NOT ANNA)... more

This is going to be an Amazing Show. In this show we will be discussing our collected information about the Anunnaki,Reptilians,and other species of aliens/extraterrestrials in hopes to eliminate confusion and bring down the veil... more
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