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Basket of Rainbows

Infinite Universe


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An infinite universe contains infinite possibilities. This show explores ideas related to anything paranormal, spiritual, conspiracy related and more.

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Well here we are then, finally puttign together the long awaited special IUR episode for December 20th 2012. No one knows what will happen on the 21st. Maybe something, maybe nothing... maybe something that will look at first like... more

.This weeks guest is our caller from toward the end of the last show. He's asked me to put his nme down only as "M." While probably a bit odd to some, this is perfectly fine by me. It turns out that the young man is a friend of known guest... more

I'm joined once again by EnligthmentForAll (Matt,) who of course is a repeat guest and seeming quite well liked and followed on Infinite Universe. He's got new info and updates for us this week, and we are excited to discuss it all. It... more

Well I have no idea what's going on this week, truth be told. Haha, I love mystery shows! But it;s Halloween night so why night have some creepy fun! I'd love to invite you to call in with your own scary stories, real life or not so much (just be... more

Re-booked from a couple weeks ago, due to unforessen last minute cimcumstances. We are trying this again thouhg, and I do promise you all something far better than last weeks nonsense. This week I am joined once... more

This week I am joined once again on air by Curtis. This time we plan to discuss second hand bargain shopping, and how to get an unexpected good deal, or two or three. Thift stores, auction houses and yes, even Ebay can be the... more

Yes Infinite Universe is still a Wednesday evening show... yet here we are on a Friday and in an alternate this odd time. Rescedualing from Wedneday and making a second try at this episode, due to horrendous sound issues on BTR.... more

This week I'm joined by You Tube user 'UFO Abductee.' AKA Ricky. Not sure yet exactly where the conversation may go as there are no many possibtiies, and a range of subjects. But let's wait and see and find out live on air.

Well here we are halfway through the still infamous year of 2012. In years previous there have been many speculations about so many possible events related to this year. Many wonder now if it is anything to consider at all. others... more

I am joined this time by Rev. Dr. Leigh Foster, creator and host of The Pawz Cauze Show (aka 'Ice.') Her intro "I am the author of Tears of Courage, a short story/poem book based on my experience with escaping abuse as well as poems... more