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Kristyn Blue Simmons

Infinite Change


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Spirituality and Sexuality are fundamental explorations in life- at least they have been for me as long as I can remember. Feeling and being grounded/centered in both areas on a moment to moment basis is key in experiencing a life of overall fulfillment, in my opinion. All the works that are produced/channeled through me are reflections of various aspects of the Divine as ways of doing my part to help push humanity above and beyond our greatest expectations of Love, Life. Topics touched on are oftentimes showcased in my guidance column on my website: www.infinitechange.net

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A rare show during a rare occurence KICKING OFF THE WINTER (solstice) and NEW YEAR during a FULL MOON TOTAL ECLISPSE!? awesomeness using words and music- stay (at)tuned....

Scorpio time of year is upon us, represented by the snake in native lore. Exploring mesmerizing fear using yoga, music, personal thoughts and more highlighted with a soundtrack by Philly native David Cope. More about his music:... more

Harvest Moon during a FULL MOON on the Autumnal Equniox, which is also the beginning of our transition into LIBRA aka "Crow" in Native lore. Featuring music by some of my favorite artists, like John Lennon, this episode explores and... more

First show of SEASON 3! In the time of Virgo, the Virgin, aka Brown Bear, the earth is experiencing noticeable fluctuations, as are many people I know. Hear words to help stay focused and evolve with less stress in body, mind... more

Impromptu show in celebration of this transition into cancer energy (info related to this sign), the Summer Solstice, St. John the Baptist's birthday and the period of time the group of monks called "The Woman in the Wilderness" arrived in... more

Revisiting Twin Flames/Souls, Discussing Gemini/Deer time of year beginning May 21, Personal stories & music by EARTHDRIVER artists throughout! For more info on the EARTHDRIVER collective, go to: www.earthdriver.org ~ Please... more

Reading of last 2 chapters of"Hope for the Flowers" by Trina Paulus- with WONDER full music interspersed! *30 min show*

Reading of one of my favorite "kid/adult" books, "Hope for the Flowers" by Trina Paulus, interspersed with MUSIC, of course!? April showers bring May FLOWERS!

Celebrating EARTH DAY today & every day! Info related to Beavers aka Tauruses and what's going on in the northern hemisphere- within and without- during this time of year. LOTS of music, as usual and ALL of ME! God bless
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