Infidelity Recovery Radio

Infidelity Recovery Radio

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This station is to train our current students in The Infidelity Recovery Model. The focus is on the 6-Figure Coaching Business Model.

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Are you the other woman? What is right and what is wrong becomes a HUGE blur...... Want to become a Relationship Coach? more

Running your coaching buisness This week in business we look at what you need to do to operate your coaching business in the 1st year..

Our goal this week is to explain: What productivity means for YOUr Coaching Business What will stop you from achieving YOUr goals and what you need to do to prevent this from happening Why creating a work environment that... more

Week 5 - Running a Business What does it take to run a succesful coaching business as a coach? Savannah will tell you the practical steps you need to implement to have a simple and successful coaching business. Start the... more

The Marketing Funnel This week in business we look at the Push v Pull Marketing Strategies..... get out your note pads n pencils! REGISTER... more

The Marketing Funnel This week in business we look at the Marketing funnel - why it is important to understand the funnel, and ensure you nurture the clients at all stages. more
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