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Discusses Moorish, indigenous, Pan Afrikan issues. looks at history, law and spiritual techniques.

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The final installation to the Trayvon Martin Case. The race game that is perpetuated by media giants and used by the average Black every day. How does this effect the future of black people in the new millineum? Look at the... more

Chief Noble Bandele El Amin and Keng El Bey will be discussing the Trayvon Martin case. We'll be looking how the case played out over the couple weeks, the tactics used by the Defense team and how we can learn a lot from this case.... more

The Two Live Clan is back! Chief Noble and Keng El Bey continue to discuss key point on travelling without licenses. What court cases really give credance? Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads: Article 12 of the... more

There has been a lot of talk about the need to have a driver's license. Many arguments have sparked from notion being required to have a driver's license. Tonight we want to bring all the conterversy to an end. We'll look at court cases,... more

The Indigenous Services clan is coming with new material and updates on previous legal remedies. Child Support, traffic, Civil Rights and moor! Special guest Olakwesu El bey, head of Indigenous Services in Law with Keng El... more

Many believe that Lucifer, Devil and Satan are the same. Tonight we'll look at the origin and the real meaning of these entities. How did these terms become known as one? This is a show you don't want to miss! Chief Noble is getting to the... more

Law can be complex and can also be broken down to simple tactics. Court can be understood by learning the procedures, rules and motions needed. This blog will continue from previous show and explain the need for certain hearings and pre... more

Chief Noble Bandele El Amin will take things back to the root of our present paradigm. Where does the present world get its law, math, science and commerce from? Todays religions have their source in ancient civilizations and will be... more

The BOYZ are back! Chief Noble Bandele and Keng El Bey tackle the issues that complicate court proceedings. Many of us have problems with court clerks not allowing you to file your motions. Sometimes you get the runaround with the... more

This is the last installment of the Jurisprudence and its effects. We will look further into case laws and their interpretation in court rooms. Keng El Bey and Chief Noble Bandele El Amin will disect what you need to do while in or out of... more