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Discusses Moorish, indigenous, Pan Afrikan issues. looks at history, law and spiritual techniques.

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Find out how courts really obtain jurisdiction and what sovereignty really means in relation to court's jurisdiction. How to create a effective Appeal and what it must contain to enhance clarity.

Today's guest is Jon Ras Fari, who will be talking about his Book "Israelites Unite" and the lifestyle of Rastafarians. Check Out Books at Find Ras Jon Fari's book at... more

Tonight the Moorish Duo (Bandele and Keng) will discuss different remedies for reservation of rights for indigenous people. How should Indigenous (Moorish) people deal with marriage, children, child support, birth certificates and domestic... more

Chief Noble Bandele discusses the process of real Estate with Chief Tulani Rufaro El. Chief Tulani will discuss the procedures of the bank and the inner processes of the scam we know as MERS. learn how to seperate the mortgage from... more

Chief Noble Bandele will go into further detail on the Priest hood of Melchizedek. Who were the Canannite Priest Kings and how our leaders have been influenced by them. A collection of early Gnostic scripts dating on or before the... more

The Chief and Minister of Law Keng El Bey continue the remedies of due process. We will discuss how to use due process in differrent senerios and all new discoveries Minister Keng El Bey has about due process.

Today The Indiegenous Services will discuss the many ways Due Process is used. How does a violation of Due Process happen and how to win a case using it. Due process is the legal requirement that the state must respect all of... more

Today Chief Noble Bandele El Amin and Minister Keng El Bey discuss different case law and interpret their uses. Case law is very important in understanding how the court has ruled on this in key court decisions. For example, Terry Vs.... more

Chief Noble Bandele and Keng El Bey continue to discuss Sovereignty and Liberal Interest.

Learn to convert sovereign priciples into practical courtroom procedures. Tonight we'll break down the law like never before! Chief Noble and Keng El Bey will look into how to use so called sovereign principles in court. Language is... more