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Discusses Moorish, indigenous, Pan Afrikan issues. looks at history, law and spiritual techniques.

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Keng El Bey and Chief Noble Bandele El Amin discuss how to identify courtroom delimmas and how to deal with them.

Keng El Bey and Chief Noble go in on the question of driving withoout a license, motor vehicle tegistration and travelling vs driving. Right to Travel DESPITE ACTIONS OF POLICE AND LOCAL COURTS, HIGHER COURTS HAVE... more

This blog will look at the events shaping black America and the diaspora. Boko Harem, the black church, big pharm, drug triangle and much moor! This is an effort to show unity among fellow melaninated people. Follow us by... more

Chief Noble and Keng going in on the newest information on law, politics and the nine. How do understand jurisdiction and apply it in real terms.

Chief Noble Bandele and Ras Jon get together to discuss current events, Moorish and Rasta teachings.

Tonight we have Olakwesu El Bey known a Larry Ealy discussing his run for Goverrnor of Ohio.

Find out how courts really obtain jurisdiction and what sovereignty really means in relation to court's jurisdiction. How to create a effective Appeal and what it must contain to enhance clarity.

Today's guest is Jon Ras Fari, who will be talking about his Book "Israelites Unite" and the lifestyle of Rastafarians. Check Out Books at Find Ras Jon Fari's book at... more

Tonight the Moorish Duo (Bandele and Keng) will discuss different remedies for reservation of rights for indigenous people. How should Indigenous (Moorish) people deal with marriage, children, child support, birth certificates and domestic... more