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Passion Radio presented by Indie on Air! Records and hosted by Jeff Classic and Kelly Ballard. Indie on Air! Records Mp3 submissions should be sent to:

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This episode features the Chicago based singer/songwriter Jason Jeka and music from his new CD!
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Featuring the artists of Texas Indie Fest: Sofia Talvik, The Villas, MC Shella, Jason Jeka, Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes, David Martinez, The Ridges, Amateur Hour, Calvo and the Highlyfavored Fam, Rorie Kelly, Blake Byrd Band,... more

Featuring the artists of Texas Indie Fest Day 1 Jennifer Sullivan, Lovebettie, Darrius Willrich, Rorie Kelly, Will Erickson and The Wreckage, Susan Toney Special guests and calls in included! Great Independent Music featuring the... more

The journey continues as Kelly and Jeff Classic discuss the Awakening of America and the entire globe. Great independent music and artists will be featured as well. Music by: Queen V Randy Tribble Stone Diamond Renaissance Rock... more

Tomy Gunn Arist/Writer/Producer from Islandelight Records In Hawaii will be the indie artist in the SPOTLIGHT. Tomy has just released a new CD Hot Summer Nights. Jeff "Classic" will get inside Tomy's creative muses with an in-depth... more

The Awakening of America continues. Kelly and Classic continue the exploration of creativity and passion and the new age which is developing right before our very eyes. Great indie music and lively discussions! More details to follow.

Co-hosts Kelly Ballard and Jeff Classic continue featuring the best independent from around the globe and delve into social issues that may impact the creation of the music. This show is Part 1 of "The Awakening of America" series.... more

The journey continues as hosts Kelly Ballard and Jeff Classic not only feature great independent music but also the reasons behind the creativity of the artists themselves. This show features The Knight Owls and L.A.'s very own Harmful If... more

This special presentation of Indie on Air!, hosted by Jeff "Classic" features out of this world independent music and explores the existence of other life in our universe. The Disclosure Show: Music lovers and believers in extraterrestrial... more

Great independent music, conversation and insight. Hosted by Jeff Classic and Kelly Ballard. The next episode of Passion Radio which will air on Mon June 17th is shaping up as an amazing show featuring sound healer Jill Mattson, the... more

Presented by Indie on Air! Records featuring passionate indie artists and people from all over the globe. We are all one! Episode 2 features San Diego singer/songwriter Savannah Philyaw and IOA! Records NYC recording artist... more