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getting the fans on board and introducing new artist labels and brands. Welcome to indie in the loop radio,presented by Team Encredible

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Join us tonight welcoming StarBabii Rose and Dejablu. They're here in the twin cities and on air with us tonight! We'll be finding out about their music and movements, you know what makes them tick. We'll get to hear a couple of tracks... more

It's humpday today, were gonna ease right into the rest of the week. We dont have a specific theme for today so there is no telling what you will hear today. Mello and Footz will be here today as well. Were having open lines tonight... more

Tonight is open lines,open subjects so ill be talking about any number of things,we'll be letting you know what the plans are for this coming week, some good music maybe a few guest,who knows? We might also get into the baby... more

Whats up with thirst traps? How often do you fall for them? Internet dating? Yes or no? Trolls and how do you go about handling them? What about these damn inbox chain letters? Instagram models,how famous are they? Facebook... more

The way that society watches how black men move and operate is scary, its either to copy or oppress no in between. While some are fair to us most only see a profit off of black men. Sports,entertainment,and prison. Our women... more

Men aint worth it women aint worth it We blame each other,and both parties pretty much do the same thing to each other! What are we supposed to do as men and women in order to get along. Abuse and betrayal come from both parties.... more

Have you ever wanted to leave a relationship that was no good for you,but both of you were in a bad position? Have you ever gave up everything unique to you for someone unworthy of such devotion? Do you still have questions about your bad... more

Rounding out our week is the subject of sex and since we've discussed every aspect of relationships we might as well tackle this one too. We're gonna talk about everything from attraction to one night stands. Bedroom... more

Keeping in tune with our topic of love and relationships this week we will ask the following questions tonight!! What makes men want to approach a woman? Why does it seem as though only the creeps and players are the ones approaching... more

Who should pay the bulk of the bills? Who should do most of the cooking. In a two parent home should things such as nuture and punishment be assigned according to gender? Who is more compassionate? Is it men,women or neither!... more