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In5D Radio is the official radio show for! On Monday nights at 7PM EST, join Gregg Prescott, M.S. and psychic Sherrie Elisse as they bring you the hottest spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical topics each week! On Tuesday evenings at 8PM EST, In5D Radio is excited to introduce our newest host, CJ Miller, who is also a Certified Hypnotist and Reiki Healer. Welcome aboard, CJ! Wednesday evenings at 8PM EST, Helane Lipson brings you a sweet combination of amazing guests and astrological readings. Thursday nights feature Michelle Walling, CHLC and Larry Locken on The Cosmic Awakening Show at 8PM Eastern. In5D Radio is looking to add more spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric shows. We are looking for a few seasoned BTR hosts to host their own shows on in5d Radio. Available nights are Friday, Saturday or Sunday.... choose your own time. If you have experience hosting a BTR show and would like to have your own 3 hour, ad free show, contact Gregg at and in the subject line, put "BTR Host".

Upcoming Broadcasts

Helane Lipson, Psychic Astrologer Complimentary Psychic Readings and Healings will be offered to callers. Helane is a highly skilled Psychic Advisor, Astrologer, and Licensed Therapist who has worked with people in all realms of society, including celebrities. It is Helane's supreme desire to help others awaken and evolve, and move through their individual challenges to a life of greater clarity and connection with source. Also a Radio Talk Show Host and Videographer, Helane shares her unique vision with listeners throughout the world regarding issues of Spirituality, Astrology and Evolution of Consciousness. Over the years Helane has appeared on numerous radio shows as a featured guest and co-host. For more information on Helane Lipson, Psychic Astologer please go to Helane's website at:
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On-Demand Episodes

On Monday, May 26, 2014, our special guest will be Jim Dellicolli, also known as PantherJim1995 on YouTube as we will be talking about current and upcoming astrological alignments and how they play into our spiritual evolution along with... more

Join Hosts Michelle Walling and Rockin' Larry Locken for a special show on the Pleiadian Collective with special guest Julien Wells! We will discuss how Julien talks with them, who he actually is in contact with, what he has accomplished... more

For the Replay: We had some techincal problems at the beginning of the show....please fastforward to 14min mark to listen. Alternately I have made an edited version and put it up on Yourtube! Please click on this link to listen to... more

Join hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken as we tackle one of the most controversial topics! Topics we will discuss: Legalization of marijuana, GMO marijuana, hemp/cannabis oil cure for cancer, Henry Ford's suppressed hemp... more

Join your host CJ Miller, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer, as she unravels the mysteries of our existence with some of our greatest visionaries and extraordinary human beings.. Tune in to learn more about the energies we, as the human... more

The Cosmic Awakening show with hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken will delve into psychic powers and how to awaken your own gifts and abilities. Psychic Natalie Arkin will discuss her background in science, dna, genetics, and how to... more

Join your Host CJ Miller with Special Guest Franco DeNicola as they discuss where humanity is at now in the shift, what our currentl reality is, and where we are headed as a collective. It will be a fascinating and enlightening discussion,... more

Today we introduce Michelle Walling and Larry Locken of the Cosmic Awakening show. We explore their backgrounds and discuss the format of the show. Our special guest in the second half of the show will be our In5d radio show host,... more

Helane Lipson, Psychic Astrologer and Claudia Helmke Miller (a.k.a. CJ Miller), Certified Hypnotist / Reiki Healer, team up to bring you News, Opinion and Wisdom from the Latest Waves of Information entering our Collective... more

With Special Guest: Samavesha Gayatri Devi Founder of S P E A K I N G T R E E OF L I F E Embodying the Passionate Heart of Creation Helane Lipson, Psychic Astrologer and Claudia Helmke Miller (a.k.a. CJ Miller), Certified Hypnotist /... more
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