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In5D Radio is the official radio show for! On Monday nights at 7PM EST, join Gregg Prescott, M.S. and psychic Sherrie Elisse as they bring you the hottest spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical topics each week! On Tuesday evenings at 8PM EST, In5D Radio is excited to introduce our newest host, CJ Miller, who is also a Certified Hypnotist and Reiki Healer. Welcome aboard, CJ! Wednesday evenings at 8PM EST, Helane Lipson brings you a sweet combination of amazing guests and astrological readings. Thursday nights feature Michelle Walling, CHLC and Larry Locken on The Cosmic Awakening Show at 8PM Eastern. In5D Radio is looking to add more spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric shows. We are looking for a few seasoned BTR hosts to host their own shows on in5d Radio. Available nights are Friday, Saturday or Sunday.... choose your own time. If you have experience hosting a BTR show and would like to have your own 3 hour, ad free show, contact Gregg at and in the subject line, put "BTR Host".

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Episode #2 of Diving Deep in Saratoga with CJ Miller and Christine Northrup. We are talking about the famous Saratoga Springs area which is renowned for its healing waters. It also draws people from many different healing traditions to this area. In this episode we will explore different healing modalitites, share stories of heaing and transformation, and even take quesitons from callers! Fro more information about Claudia Helmke Miller/CJ Miller please visit Visit Christine Northrup at
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Join hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken as they interview Dr. Richard Presser. Richard will discuss the challenging time we are in and how it relates to the precession of the equinoxes, including what the shift in... more

Helane Lipson, Psychic Astrologer Complimentary Psychic Readings and Healings will be offered to callers. Helane is a highly skilled Psychic Advisor, Astrologer, and Licensed Therapist who has worked with people in all realms of society,... more

If we were to believe the bible's origins of mankind and assume that we came from Adam and Eve, then that assumption wouldn't explain the genetic differences in our population. In this episode, Michelle Walling and Larry Locken take... more

Join hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken as they hold an open discussion forum with Kevin Westerlund on the truth about Extraterrestrials and Channeling. Topics will include discernment of negative vs. positive ET's, and how to discern... more

Join your host CJ Miller, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer, as she unravels the mysteries of our existence with some of our greatest visionaries and extraordinary human beings.. Tune in to learn more about the energies we, as the human... more

Dive into the lower realms of esoteric knowledge with William Mistele, our guest on the Cosmic Awakening Show. We will discuss the importance of the elemental realms in concert with the upper realms, mermaid energy and how it seems to... more

Please join us Live Tuesday July 8th @8pm eastern, for a very special edition of The CJ Miller Show, entitled: Stepping into 4th and 5th Dimensional Consciousness with Franco DeNicola and CJ Miller. On this show Franco and I... more

Hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken will interview Cindy Staffin, who is a psychic consultant and a healing practicioner. Cindy practices in her hometown of Oneanta, NY, where Michelle first met her and received a very accurate... more

In this episode Christine Northrup, South American Trained Shaman, Healer and Certified Medium speaks with Host CJ Miller about the Collective and Individual Psyche and how her healing practice focuses on restoring balance in Spirit,... more

Join hosts Michelle Walling and Rockin' Larry Locken for a special episode of the Cosmic Awakening Show: Extraterrestrial Encounters. We will dedicate this show for guests who have had E.T. experiences. Our space brothers ans sisters... more
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