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02:00 Mary Bell has been a spiritual healer, author and teacher for over 20 years. Do you have a physical trauma? Are you dealing with depression and grief? Do you have a physicial illness? Have you experienced... more
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B.A.H. -- what is it and how does it work? Doctors, if you want a more than helpful way to test and treat patients in less time than you take for lunch, you will not miss this show. Patients, if you are tired of being shoved from pillar to post,... more

Come join us as we explore the world of healing devices, meditations, and more! To get a feel of what we will be discussing, please visit Dr. Vinayak's site at

What is the role of microbial infection in mental illness -- such as Lyme disease? Well, we will learn what Smith has to say on the subject and explore her new book about this subject. Questions are welcome in the chat room or by calling... more

National healthy home expert, Caroline is the president of My Healthy Home. We will discuss the things in your home that may be making/keeping you sick -- and ways to test. We welcome questions in the In Short Order chat room or you may... more

Dedicated to sharing her experiences with EMFs and more, we welcome this doctor to In Short Order -- and she will be presenting at the 2014 Physician's Round Table conference. Please email us at or visit... more

Donnie Yance, Master Clinical Herbalist, will share his experience and knowledge about herbal therapy.

A journalist and author of "Honest Medicine" -- how she, like many caregivers, searched for answers so that her husband might live. Now, she shares her findings with the world!

She is a "spiritual teacher of the highest order. Trained in several spiritual disclipines, she is devoted to each of them in full fervor, Holding a medical degree, she is also trained in Ayurvedic medicine. Please join us!

Adaptogenic formulations in clinical pracrice! Please join me as I interview Mr. Yance from the Mederi Foundation. Call in with your questions at 718-664-9291 -- or join us in the chat room.

Everyone has a story to tell -- either your own or a patient's. Tom Larson is an award winning journalist and has told his own story in a new book -- but offers other's insight into getting your own stories out. Please joing us and as... more