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NEW IMPORTANT REPORT: Thursday, 5/30 at 10:00PM EST Forget filibusters, drones, and nuclear weapons - Chris and Jeff are here to break down the news that is actually Important. Love the show? Hate the show? Want to tell us to jump off a building? Let us know at

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A Peeping Tom air marshal gets caught snapping upskirt photos on duty, a phallic shrub causes a commotion in Canada, a Pittsburgh teacher takes the stress off by shooting up heroin in the parking lot, and Chris and Jeff go back in time to... more

In this week's TIR, A student gets punished for not letting her friend drive drunk, a woman calls 911 for being too drunk to get out of her own car, a German man "accidentally" leaves his new bride at a gas station for 2 and a half hours, and a... more

Chris and Jeff discuss the lengths a man will go to recover five one-hundred dollar bills, wedding intruders prepared to feed animals, a man attempting to resurrect his 93 year-old father, and what media needs to be destroyed for the sake of... more

This week on TIR, Chris and Jeff take to task the most Important Topic of all: Love.A man calling himself Romeo Rose creates a dating website with very specific guidelines, the Welsh Town Varteg tries to stop the name from... more

Chris and Jeff are BACK on The Important Report! This week: a woman rodeo imposter, a drunk cowboy on a mission, alligator hunting fundraisers, and a special look at our favorite American holidays.

On this week's Important Report: A texting driver ends up covered in liquid manure, a parrot's talking leads to city council intervention, a man goes the extra mile in girlfriend revenge, and Chris and Jeff take a look at their... more

This week on TIR: Washington State cops throw out Doritos at Hempfest, a Louisiana man lassos a man out of a bar on horseback, a crawfish thief cannot start his car due to lack of breath, and Chris and Jeff rattle off their all-time... more

Chris and Jeff with another instalmment of the Important Report.

This week on the Important Report: One prisoner's quest to become a trillionaire, "Summer Camp for Male Nudists" or "Naked Hang-Out Club", a lemonade stand robbery gone wrong, and look at our favorite college and NFL quarterback names.

Chris and Jeff are back to take on the Important news in an all-new TIR. This week includes a giant KFC bucket, a drunk man swimming across the Canadian-American border, "Captain Save-A-Ho", and a look back at the... more