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Christianity and the relevance of Christ in the world today.

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I will begin to cover different doctrines and teachings that is being presented to the Body of Christ as if it will help us further our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and help us to be filled with the Holy Ghost, when in reality it will make us... more

This week discussion is the continuation from last week's discussion dealing with the danger and real truth behind the prosperity gospel and how it has no roots or beginnings in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for the... more

Digging deeper into the real reason why souls are not being born again to be formed into the image and likeness of our Savior Jesus The Christ; yet, we are being trained to worship and honor individual ministries and preachers.

Taking a deeper look into why preachers and the christians at large has fell away from just preaching Jesus as the only means of salvation and the answer to our si sick soul. We have watered down the message of the cross and His sacrificial... more

Continuing our journey to understand how adding to God's word to make it more appealing to the people is more dangerous than good. Jesus does not need us to dress up His word to change the hearts of the people; either they want Him and... more

As we begin to look at specific teachings and doctrines that has crept into the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will show how it does not line up with the teachings of Jesus and His apostles. This might make some denominations mad but the truth... more

Taking a look at how straying away from the simple message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified can change up the message of salvation thereby undermining a person's ability to truly be born again.

Going deeper into this Subject of Why Jesus is enough to get a person saved and keep them saved. Once we start deviating from this path it is no longer the gospel of Jesus Christ or about Christ but another gospel that the enemy has create

It seems like church has become like Basket Robbins Ice Cream Parlor meaning there is a different flavor church according to what people want,however, this creates problems that is dangerous. When you have different ministries trying to... more

Digging deeper into what is really going on in the body of Christ and why it seems like men cannot and will not stand for Jesus, the word of God and Righteousness. We will begin to understand why most men in the church is... more