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Imortance of The Sunnah

Imortance of The Sunnah


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Explaining Islam and the Sunnah as it was Taught, Understood, and Practiced by Muhammad (salallahu alaihi wa salam) and his Companions.

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Organize Organize Organize

Whoever from among the Muslims, who is not willing to give Allah Victory over his own self, and over every thing, and over every body, and over every activity, then that Muslim has a Disease in his heart of hypocrisy, and must repent from it.

This is the first part, inshaAllah. an Introduction to a series of discussions promoting worshipping Allah Correctly, Returning to the Correct Deen, Unity of the Ummah, and Victory for the Muslims.

"If you should live long, you will see lots of differring."

Islam began as a Stranger, and it will return to being strange as it began. Give gald tidings to the Strangers. Shatan's favorite question: "What kind of Muslim are you?" Most frustrating answer for Shaytan: "The same kind as Muhammad... more

"This Ummah will divide into 72 sects; all of them are in the Fire except one: what I and my Companions are upon Today." Satan's versions of Islam are every version unheard of by the Prophet (salallahu alaihi wa salam) and his... more

Survival Of The Fittest.

the white supremacist agenda

somebody please inform me, who benefits from interfaith dialogue?

Muslim kaafir relations in the middle of america's red states.