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Fili O (so cool)

we're on the air, Fili, so say something.


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He speaks---he breathes---he bleeds---he sees--just like the rest of you---his artist name--Fili O (so cool) (check link for original songs)--earwax and civilization.... the monopoly guy...i hold seeds for a utopia in my hand---your wish is my command---two black ()() holes collapsing on each other (sounds like cartoon sound effect: beeee-woop). That's all folks. Okay, encore, encore, encore. I hear you. Hold your applause please... Yes you can connect my dots to sound like angel wings--I am bleeding breathing seeing human being-g---if I was worthy would you give me an earthly epiphany? Whistles and bells...and horns echoing in the rafters...What if you could fuel your car with laughter...Let's siphon gas from SUVs of the rich, then sell the gas for cheap to the lower class, and give the money to the poor people. It'd bring a balance. Don't call me a communist, Phil. I like to call it trickle down eckonomics. Mother, should I trust the government? Futuristic wishes---bubbling up---here would you be kind enough to hold on to my mental baggage for me? It's getting heavy in these parts. Can't walk down the street without fear and paranoia. I'm striving for significance. See you in the funny papers.

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on a whim

choo-choo--here comes the Fili O (so cool) express--choo choo--I love you forever and ever mother nature--thanks for the breath I breath--join in the fun and can I get a yeah yeah what what whoot whoot--right on--right on

in a flash she rolls out of the IMMORTAL PORTAL--startled to be in the presence of a psychic being that proclaims--your pain is roaring and the rain is pouring, but worry not for the filth will wash away to reveal crystalline shores and other... more

yeah yo--here goes--it's off the real--for real--we've been on a week and a half hiatus--it's winter break for students--and me and mine have been back in our hometowns visiting parentals--AND NOW WE ARE BACK--with enthusiasm and... more

new years, special, super, top secret, worldly, new, cool, awesome, great, good, interesting, fantastic key words, huge, chimpanzee, champagne, goo goo, ga ga, bounce...

groundbreaking and poignant discussions--and time machine fundraising--coz GOD knows--embarrassing moments--sobriety--on the 30 bus--keep your ears and eyes open friends

it's time for another experiment with words--(insert content here)--no holds barred--hi mom--

The show topic is tentative, but trust me, it will be a blast my friends and listeners (who are also my friends).

test run--recites poetry-christmas list analysis

test run