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Tye is here for a full 90, conitnuing his discussion of all things esoteric and occult, with an emphasis on a continuing discussion of the Major Arcana,: The Hermit, The Wheel of Fortune, and Justice. He will take calls at the end.

A continuing discussion of the occult, including the Hero's Journey through the Major Arcana. Phone calls welcome:

The Immortal Magic Talk Show continues, after a two-week break, discussing the Tarot Deck and Magic Rituals and Objects. All those interested in mysticism are encouraged to check this out.

We will talk about the Tarot deck, specifically cards in the major arcana. We will also include allusions and explanations involving alchemy, magic, and astrology.

In this segment, three major Tarot cards will be discussed, The Fool, The Magician, and The Emperor. Analogies will be made to astrological signs and archetypes from world mythologies. An ongoing discussion of Metaphysical and... more

On this episode of The Immortal Magic Talk Show, we will discuss the meaning of different cards in the Tarot deck, specifically the Crowley-Waite deck and the cards of the major arcana. We will also look at various astrological... more

A series of astrology begins on The Alchemy Sessions. Different aspects of astrology will be discussed, as well as the usual introductory meditations and commentaries on the alchemical process.

The Alchemy Sessions with Tye continues, as he raps further into the cosmos regarding the seven chakras and correspondences. The episode begins with a brief meditation and introduction by Clint.

In this episode, Clint will discuss the teachings of Franz Bardon: the Czech alchemist and stage magician who wrote some of the best how-to-instructions for obtaining paranormal abilities. Here, the topic will center around what Bardon... more

The Alchemy Sessions reconvenes as Tye spouts infomatic mystical history....with a few surprises coming...