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New age talk show for the well-read intellectual.

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The Five Percent: The only show on the Web talking in depth about subjects avoided by polite society: Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Caballah, , alchemy, Tarot, Gnosticism, magick and magickal thinking, and perhaps most importantly for... more

It is another week with your host Tye, discussing all things avoided by politte society -- the occult, the esoteric, astrology, Tarot, the Caballah, psychedelics -- in an informative and inclusive way. This show does not expect to draw a wide... more

Tye embraces the synchronicity of the show falling on both Easter and 4/20; thus the esoteric aspects of the crucifixion and resurrection are discussed, as are the esoteric aspects of cannabis, which is feted on April 20th every year. (Just as... more

The weekly Immortal Magick Show will be shortened to less than one hour but will maintain its regular 7:30 Sunday slot .The topics for April 13th, include dreams, initiation, and did 2012 mean anything? Any topic related to the esoteric or occult... more

The Graveyard Cowboy guest hosts this episode of the Immortal Magic Talk Show. He interviews Dr. Jeffrey Plummer, a child psychologist, about topics in spirituality and metaphysics. While not entirely satirical, this episode will extend... more

Listen to Tye discuss topics such as cartomancy, the Tabula Smargdarina, Owsley's acid tests, and the use or misuse of occult symbolism every Sunday (tonight!) at 7:30 pm. An presentation. Not for everyone.

The lapis. The Red Stone. Hieros Gamos. What are magick, alchemy and the occult? Are they a healthy way to improve our spiritual lives or a rabbit hole to the devil's lair? Tye will discuss deeper symbolism of the Tarot, including the "scary... more

Tye is here for a full 90, conitnuing his discussion of all things esoteric and occult, with an emphasis on a continuing discussion of the Major Arcana,: The Hermit, The Wheel of Fortune, and Justice. He will take calls at the end.

A continuing discussion of the occult, including the Hero's Journey through the Major Arcana. Phone calls welcome:

The Immortal Magic Talk Show continues, after a two-week break, discussing the Tarot Deck and Magic Rituals and Objects. All those interested in mysticism are encouraged to check this out.