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So I Think, So I Am

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The Reality of the Creator

The Reality of the Creator


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Human life is not animal life. Animal life is the lower life of the human being. This life that is animal keep the human life which is an intellectual life, dead in the human being's real life which evolves into thinking life. Allah, the Creator created everything with its nature and development. Life is eternal, life is a continuous process of spiritual evolving. Life is Spiritual. You can't see life externally. Life for the human beings is inside their body. Life is the Love and Goodness of Allah put into the human heart, which gave the human being his G-d like excellence and perfection. Allah is All Knowing, so Allah put his knowledge in the human soul and mind, so the human being can connect with Him through the process of thinking. This is how the human beings communication and association is connected with Allah forever in Allah's unseen and eternal, Spiritual world. Most people allow themselves to believe that this material world and the things in it are real; this is why most people are lead into spiritual and mental darkness. Allah created this world only to test us, to see who believes in the seen and the unseen. We don't see the air, but we know that our life depends on it. Is this not evidence and a sign to the thinking minds to know that there is a Power behind all life in the universe that we can't see but this Power sustains all life in the Creation. Nothing Allah created can give life to any of Allah's Creation. Most people are looking for life in the Creation and not the Creator. Alllah is the Creator, Allah is one, Allah is life. If you forget Allah, you forget your own life which is your soul. Think deep on this Truth and free your mind of wordly desires that leads to the Hellfire. This is mind controlling matter, through the process of thinking, Allah gave us a mind to be free to live in His Reality, but you need Faith to understand. Keep your head to the sky and Allah's Truth will not let you die.