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Black History Month Did Not Start in America

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
The Reality of the Creator

The Reality of the Creator


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Black History Month Did Not Start in America


Black people, to understand why we are still sufffering from slave mentality, we must go back and look at slave life. Slave life was prison life,. prison means a place of confinement, or involuntary restraint. Black slaves were told that they were three-fifths of a human being, and were not allowed to read. They were also told that their black skin was a curse put on them by Almighty G-d, and this curse made black people slaves of other people. Because of this lie, black people began to feel more like animals than human beings.This stripped black people of the desire to learn and conduct themselves as human beings. The slave owners also use another powerful plan to keep the slaves in bondage, they used the Bible, which they revised and wrote themselves. In this Bible, they justify slavery. They understood that the best way to get black people to accept slavery was with the Bible, and in this Bible, they made everything white. They made for them, a white G-d, white son, white angels and a Holy Spirit  you could not see, that was even white. It was not easy for them to do this because black people, when they were brought from Africa, had their own religion, holy scripture, and way of life. Most blacks that were brought over on the slave ships from Africa, were Muslims, their Faith was Islam, and the Holy book they followed was the Qur'an. In this book of Allah, that they, the black Muslim slaves,followed, they were told the Truth about their purpose in life, that Allah, the One G-d, created all people as ONE soul.