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The Reality of the Creator

The Reality of the Creator


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My show will be geared to a universal audience. It is spiritual. It will be teaching and discussing the distinction between the Creator and His Creation.

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Most people think life is only in the things they see. But, what most people don't try to understand is that this whole world system is only a temporary test of our Faith in the unseen Spiritual world of the Creator, which ever lasting or eternal.... more

Our Creator, Allah says in His final Revelations in the Qur'an that He did not create two hearts in one human body. Also, Allah says that each individual person is responsible for their actions and conduct. Most people, Allah says have... more

Because human life is intelligent life, until people can rise above their animal or connel desires, they can never be free. Only self control can enable the human beings to take back their real life which is spiritual life. Spiritual life is the life in... more

So, people, our life is Earth and as long as we strive constantly to please Allah, Allah will purify our life. Water represents good morality and righteousness is good morality. When we forget Allah and reject Allah, our life becomes morally... more

Our Creator, Allah says in His final revelations in the Qur'an that the life of this world is the root of all evil. So all that we gain in this world is services. When we don't use our wealth in the service of our Creator, it has no value. The value is... more

Allah is the One in control of the Heavens and the Earth. We must all pass through this world which Allah says is a fire of temptation. Allah says this whole world is a fire of lust that feeds the human connel desires. This is why Allah... more

To be human is to be G-d like. Almighty G-d is all good. So, if we want to be like G-d, we will have to give the Will G-d gave us back to G-d, then we will always strive for G-d's goodness and perfection. Most people in this world think human... more

Most people compromise with evil by doing bad and expecting good in return. Allah, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, says in His final book of revelations, the Holy Qur'an, that the end of evil is evil and the end of good is... more

To Allah belongs sincere and exclusive devotion and worship. Most people take the Mercy of Allah for granted. In doing this, they bring the wrath of Allah on themselves. People wake up in your mind and soul and know that your immortal... more

People, this life of ours here, is a test. The test is with good and evil. But, our Creator gave us a nature that is all good. Then, He gave us the ability to understand good from evil. He does not even stop His Love and Kindness... more