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The Reality of the Creator

The Reality of the Creator


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My show will be geared to a universal audience. It is spiritual. It will be teaching and discussing the distinction between the Creator and His Creation.

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People, history repeats itself. What I mean by that is what goes around, comes back around, and it's up to the people to change history. Bad history is what we are experiencing today. We must understand that in order to know where we... more

Those that remember G-d and those that don't remember G-d are like the living and the dead. We as a people of the world society, look at the beauty of the Creation of Allah, and we enjoy the beauty of the goodness in the Creation; but... more

People, most people have chosen death over life by choosing sin over the Goodness of Allah. People, you must realize that the Almighty G'd Allah is All Good! Almighty G-d Allah created the world that we live in and all creation,... more

The Mind who feels new responsibility and puts its feeling into action, thinking that he/she can do what they like with their life, forgets their responsibility to Allah, the Almighty G'd. They boast of their material wealth and accomplishments and... more

African American people, stop the self-hatred! Stop the slave thinking that has been instilled in your self-consciousness so that you don't even know why you hate and destroy yourself and love those who hate you. This is your downfall... more

The Qur'an summarizes all the teachings of the experiences that man has had in his lifetime on earth, from Prophet Abraham to Prophet Muhammed including Prophet Esau or Jesus, Whom he is known to be in the Western World. The... more

Everything that Allah, the Creator, created follows Divine Law. We, as a people, have made this world into a "hell of misery" because we, (most people) refuse to follow Allah's Divine Moral Laws, and things won't get better until we stop acting... more

People, life is not what you see. Real life is unseen. The Life-Giver is the Creator of everything that exist. Soon, very soon, all that we see, including ourselves, will pass away and the real world of the Creator,- Almighty G'd, will take the place of... more

People, Judgment Day is real. It will happen because Allah can not lie. People, we are only here in this world for trial. When you are on trial, you are being judged everyday until you die. After death, then comes the Final Judgment.... more

Common sense is what every human being is born with, so, therefore, when you think of education, education is good, that is formal education. But when you think about the word, "formal", it means, not the real education, but a "form of... more