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The Reality of the Creator

The Reality of the Creator


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My show will be geared to a universal audience. It is spiritual. It will be teaching and discussing the distinction between the Creator and His Creation.

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The human soul is all that we, the human beings can call our own. The reason is because Allah, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth is the only Reality. So, human life is in the Reality of Allah. So, therefore, human life is also unseen.... more

Islam means total submission and obedience to Allah's Will, and Allah's Will is all good. Prophet Muhammad said "Righteousness is good morality". Mos Muslims of this world have become morally corrupt. This is why evil has most Muslims... more

People, all life begins with good morality, and all life ends with bad morality. The research of history will prove that when man gave up good morality for connel pleasures and material gains he came to an evil end. People, you can't get... more

Most people don't exercise the freedom of free will to live a morally clean life. Most people don't believe in good morality. Most people believe in connel or false pleasures. Most people put their trust in other people or trust in the things they... more

Ramadan is the month in which Allah sent down the Qur'an as a guide to human kind. Also, clear signs for matters of Judgment between right and wrong. Allah also sent down the Qur'an to heal the diseases in people's hearts. Allah... more

Our life in this world will never rest. From birth to death it is a test. In our test, we must prove to Allah that we trust Him. If we do, He will bring out the best in us. Allah created us with a good nature and then He gave us a mind with the... more

Allah made human life sacred. Allah created the human being for His Righteousness and Goodness. Human life is Spiritual life and just as we have to eat eat food to sustain and maintain our physical life, we have to have Truth to... more

The doctrine of personal responsibility is the core and purpose of life. As individuals, We are fully responsible for our own acts and conduct. Life is in good morality. Good morality is like flowing water. Flowing water purifies itself. Still... more

Ramadan is the month in which was sent down from Allah, a Mercy and Guide for human kind. Just like water purifies the dry earth and brings forth life, the Qur'an the same way will purify our life if we are constantly following the guidance of... more

Allah, our Creator says in His final revelations, the Holy Qur'an, that when people forget Him, they forget their own souls. People life for human beings is spiritual life. Allah also says in the Holy Qur'an that all that people have in this world... more