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Life Coach, Personal Development Specialist, Author and Radio Talk-Show Host Nazim Rashid is the guest speaker today continuing his series on Improving, Repairing and Preparing for Relationships based on his book Reconnected-How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self. In the media reports, reality shows and among friends, you hear a great deal about weddings; the feelings; the glow, the friends, the gowns, suits, the wedding venue, the biggest diamond ring, the fun, the excitement, etc. You don't hear anything about what it takes to have a committed, long lasting, healthy, happy marriage. You don't hear about the joy attained from a spiritually connected relationship. You don't hear about how commitment carries over the challenging hurdles and how loving the spirit inside connects you to each other, no matter how the exterior changes over time. You don't hear about these things because it is not in the fun and exciting category. There are tools provided in the book Reconnected that speak to the areas of longevity, happiness, health and real bonding that is needed for a long term relationship to exist. Nazim will continue with Identifying and Managing Emotions in order to have the happiest, stable marriages. www.cloudsofabundance.com
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Today on the annual Sunday broadcast of Religion Means Alive, Imam Alfred Mohammed will bring all of this week's episodes full circle. He will do this by talking about all of the topics addressed during the week and connecting them... more

Today on Religion Means Alive Imam Yusef Salam along with Imam Alfred Mohammed will provide commentary on this weeks event

Today on the show we will have Lawyer and Politician Imam Yusef Salaam out of Selma Alabama. During the broadcast a wide variety of topics will be discussed such as the upcoming 2016 Presidential Elections as well as political issues... more

Today on Religion Means Alive Bro. Rashad El-Amin will address the typical Health Issues plaguing the black-america as well as all of America. He will also discuss on the show why people are getting the disorders and diseases and... more

Life Coach, Personal Development Specialist, Author and Radio Talk-Show Host Nazim Rashid is the guest speaker today continuing his series entitled Conscious Parenting and Personal Growth. This series is for parents who want new... more

Today on Religion Means Alive the Greatest Boxing Promoter of All Time Marad Mohammed will be further elaborating on his perspectives of the entertainment industry as well as the business industry. He will also be talking about his... more

Discussion of issues in the African American community.

Today on Religion Means Alive Imam Yusef Salaam will discuss the Baltimore Riots and the legal side of the the Protesting Riots and Police engagement with the people of Baltimore. This is also an open fourm broadcast as well so... more

Today on Religion Means Alive Haki Shakur Ammi will be discussing the events surropunding Baltimore currently. During the broadcast he will touch on events not only involving Freddy Grey but he will discuss the culture of Baltimore as... more

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