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The Law of Exchange

  • Broadcast in Motivation
Anthony Rockliffe

Anthony Rockliffe


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One thing I think that we all would just love to have is more control over our lives. We are fascinated with magic, the idea that with a wave of the hand or by saying “allakazam” we can produce wads of cash out of thin air is hard to resist. We are all looking for that recipe that can turn lead into gold in our own way and we seem to vascilate between science and spirituality in an attempt to discover it. Does it exist?

“The Law of Exchange” simply states that “in any interaction or relationship there needs to be an equal (either perceptual or factual) exchange of value or the interaction or relationship will collapse.” In simple terms, it has to be win win or both will lose in the long run. This law is violated all the time in the western world and boy do we pay for that, the recent recession was a result of this law being violated.

If you are unhappy in life it may just that you are violating this law. Some people do it all the time, they give and give and give, or they take and take and take. I have yet to meet someone who lives that way and is happy about it. From the smallest interaction, to the largest, make sure that you obey the “Law of Exchange”.