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Anthony Rockliffe

Imagination Station


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Get answers and life changing advice, and learn how authentic living is the only real way to lasting happiness. Your host, Anthony Rockliffe, is a Master Life Coach with a passion for bringing real change to a world in need.

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What if your reality held powerful clues to the potential success of your life? What if none of it was random, and not of it was happening to you, but rather for you? Reality is information. It is there to serve you and lead you to a life of well being.... more

Love has been given a bad name, it's not love's fault as love didn't do any of what love has been accused of doing. It's more a case of mistaken identity. If it looks like love, sounds like love, feels like love, and smells like love, then it... more

One thing I think that we all would just love to have is more control over our lives. We are fascinated with magic, the idea that with a wave of the hand or by saying ?allakazam? we can produce wads of cash out of thin air is hard to resist. We... more

One thing is for sure, you are either coming out of a change, you are in a change, or you are facing change. It seems random, yes, change does seem to come out of the blue and hit you when you least expect it, but what if I told you... more

It is with great sadness that we announce this, our last show. Don't despair, Anthony and Mia will still both be on air in their own shows, respectively, "Imagination Station" and "Present Moment Parenting" so you can get a double... more

In tonight's show we discuss the legacy of Nelson Mandela and how he changed people's lives. We also discuss the presence of racism and classism in today's society and how we can all be Mandela's in our own world.

They are playful, funny, noisy, busy, grubby at times, strong willed, and a true gift. They are children, but they seem to know stuff we don't. They seem to have some kind of cosmic connection that baffles most adults, and can make sense... more

This week we talk to Tyron Janse Van Vuuren, an up an coming movie director in South Africa. It was an amazing interview and we discussed creativity and presence, as well as how to handle the tough times. If you want to be creative... more

In this show we discuss the importance of taking baby steps, the power of compounding, and the joy of flow. If you are finding life to be tough and uncomfortable then perhaps you are over reaching and you need to pull back a... more

This week we talk to the remarkable Prenala La Touf who discovered her life's purpose and her mind/body connection on a morning run. Stepping into the world of Pilates as an instructor she discovered the link between body soul and... more
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