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IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents. Join us as we bring the funny and dominate the comedy world (in our own minds) every Sunday at 12 Noon ET!

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This week is a lazy almost summer Saturday and Matt-Man and Jayman are just gonna kick back and enjoy it. We're basically just gonna drink a cold one and wing it. We'll talk Summer, Father's Day maybe grilling and other foods.... more

Well, since the media is totally engorged and can't stop pounding the Weiner story, we feel compelled to fluff it for another week. But, there's so much more going on to discuss. Like previewing the GOP New Hampshire Debate... more

This week's show is gonna have a good beat and you'll be able to dance to it. Matt-Man and Jayman are going to talk music. Their favorite and not-so-favorite musical styles and performers. AND, as an added bonus, they'll have China's... more

That's right kids. Multiple Choice Mitt Romney is officially running for President. And man, are we excited! So excited that we snagged an exclusive interview with him which we will play on today's show! In addition to that we've got... more

It's wedding season kids. People all over the world are lining to say their "I Do's" whether they're ready or not. So this week Matt-Man and Jayman decided to take a closer look at this whole marriage thing. Is it really a good idea? Is staying... more

It's Memorial Day, but that doesn't mean Matt-Man and Jayman are taking the day off from entertaining the masses. There's just too much going on in the world to do that. We've got Sarah Palin vs Michele Bachmann, WeinerGate, the... more

Its' Memorial Day Weekend folks and Matt-Man and Jayman are here to give the weekend the reverence and respect it deserves. We'll talk about the significance of Memorial Day, some of our personal and local traditions and give... more

Mitch Daniels is out and Tim Pawlenty is in for the GOP. Sarah Palin is moving to Arizona. Ahmadinejad says the West is stealing Iran's rain. And Obama is taking a hard line with Israel. It's pandemonium folks! And we're here to make... more

Assuming we don't get raptured right before the show starts, it's a 50/50 proposition, we're talking social media and why it sucks this week. Attention whores, braggers, whiners, internet tuff guys and all the other people who just... more

The GOP is gearing up for primary season and it's decision time for candidates. But, does it matter? Does any republican have a chance against Obama? Can a moderate find a way to the nomination? Well, Matt-Man and Jayman will discuss... more
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