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IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents. Join us as we bring the funny and dominate the comedy world (in our own minds) every Sunday at 12 Noon ET!

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Summer is a great time of year but it certainly comes with its drawbacks and annoyances. Kids running amok, TV reruns, political buffoonery, rickety rides at county and state fairs, and the heat induced human stench and anger walking freely about, so... Join Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio gang as they discuss this hot, humid, dead pool of mosquitos, sunburns, and chained wallet wearing rednecks chowing down on fried cheese on a stick, known as the dog days of summer. Along with the comedic analysis of this soul wrenching time of year by Jay and Matt, there will be plenty of awful summertime music, mocking of the 2016 Presidential candidates, and perhaps fun times with the likes of Jamie Mapleleaf, Whisperin' Sam, Back-Handed Compliment Man, Robert the Taylor, Rev. Moneymaker, and Mr. Vague. All of that plus your phone calls at 661.244.9852, as IWS Radio presents...Summer 2015: Fried Anger On A Stick
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A bit of a slow news week, but Matt-Man and Jayman won't let that stop them. They've Culture Wars to fight! 40 years later, the GOP is once again ready to lose, er, fight the birth control wars. Maybe after this they'll take a run... more

This week Matt-Man and Jayman are celebrating boobies! Yay! Everyone love boobies, right? Hell yes! Big, small or somewhere in between, it doesn't matter, boobies are beautiful. But, Matt-Man and Jayman do have a slight difference of... more

Another week full of all kinds of stupid to talk about. People are still going bonkers over the Clint Eastwood ad for Chrysler. The GOP nomination process is grinding away. The biggest religious bigots in America are accusing Obama of... more

It's time for the Super Bowl and nobody can break it all down like Matt-Man and Jayman can. They'll be talking about the parties, the players, the fans and the exciting and exotic city of Indianapolis. They might even get around to the game... more

Another busy Wednesday show ahead of us here folks as Matt-Man and Jayman will break down the Florida GOP Primary like no one else can. Then they'll discuss Black History Month and celebrate the Chinese New Year. Oh, and... more

After last week's very impressive bashing of women Matt-Man and Jayman are ready to turn their double barreled shotgun of humor on men. We all know that men are pigs, by WHY they so horrible? Matt and Jay will break it down and... more

Have you guys ever noticed that women are just generally bad people? Well, Matt-Man and Jayman have and they're here to explain why that is. Why ARE women so vindictive and full of hate and venom? We'll get to the bottom of it... more

The South Carolina debate is history, but the laughter it produced will live on for weeks and months. Even though we all know Mitt has it wrapped up, that doesn't mean that Newt, Ron, Dumb Rick and Dumber Rick can't keep spewing their... more

After the smashing success of last week's interview show, Matt-Man is turning the table on the Jayman this week. Matt will interview Jay about life growing up in Arkansas, politics, writing, cooking and life in general. He plans on exploring the... more

There's a lot going on here folks. The New Hampshire primary was last night, Alabama won yet another national championship and the NFL playoffs are getting pretty intense. And rumors are swirling that nude pics of Mila Kunis will soon be... more
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