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IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents. Join us as we bring the funny and dominate the comedy world (in our own minds) every Sunday at 12 Noon ET!

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After last week's smut-fest Matt-Man and Jayman feel the need to repent! So, they're going to the other extreme this week. IWS Radio is going wholesome folks! Well, for as long as Matt and Jay can stand it anyway. They'll confess their sins by talking about how liberating last week's show and discuss how it made them feel. Matt and Jay will also talk about the struggle to find the perfect balance we all seek when it comes to maintaining a certain level of decorum while still making a dirty joke here and there. Then they'll get into their usual hilarious takes on day-to-day life and all the fun stuff you've grown to love from IWS Radio. The IWS Players will be here to bring the funny as usual. We'll hear from the Tibbles family and other correspondents will chime in with their thoughts on whatever is on their minds. All that and YOUR CALLS!!
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It's part two of the Anniversary Celebration! Matt-Man and Jayman will continue to review their first magical year of "I'm With Stupid." They'll talk some more about their favorite moments, guest and fun times. Plus, Matt and Jay will... more

A little over a year ago, Matt-Man and Jayman convened a secret meeting to discuss their hopes and dreams, and at that meeting they hatch a crazy idea. An idea so secret and so exciting that they didn't even share it with the strippers... more

Christine O'Donnell walks out on Piers Morgan and nobody knows who to root for, Jon Huntsman sabotages his own campaign and Gaddafi is a goner. Wow! What a week. And that's not even including all the rounds of golf Obama played... more

This week Matt-Man and Jayman are talking phobias. We all have them. Some are well known like fear of heights or water. Others, more rare such as the fear of clothes. That would be great for someone who wanted to go into the stripping or... more

It's a been another wild week kids. And by that, we mean the crazy was unleashed during the GOP Debate last week. Then Tim Pawlety, or T-Paw, dropped out of the race. Kind of shocking given that he was one of the first... more

It's almost football time again kids and that means it's time to start getting ready for the new fantasy football season. Which means it's time for Matt-Man and Jayman to dispense some great FF advice. They'll also do a little Football 101... more

We all know that the S&P downgraded the American debt last week. But, the fact is American has been downgrading itself for years now. Our educational system, infrastructure, political discourse and culture have all been downgraded. And, the... more

Can a person be anonymous on the internet? Can he or she be anonymous on social media? Should they be anonymous? Or should we all just use our real names and faces and not bother? That's the big topic this and Matt-Man and... more

It's the season to make deals. We have debt ceiling deals, NFL trade and free agency deals and MLB trade deals. And it's Ramadan. Which has nothing to do with all those deals, but is a big deal too. So that's what Matt-Man and Jayman... more

Let's laugh it up folks! This week it's all about our favorite jokes. And yours. Matt-Man and Jayman are gonna tell and analyze our favorite jokes of all time. And maybe we'll talk comedy and comedians and whatever else. Who knows?!... more
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