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IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents. Join us as we bring the funny and dominate the comedy world (in our own minds) every Sunday at 12 Noon ET!

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The issue of sexual harassment has reared its ugly head once again. This time Herman Cain is the guy in the crosshairs. As always Matt-Man and Jayman don't shy away from the controversial topics. So, along with prepping for Saturday's... more

It's time once again for out annual Halloween Extravaganza kids! We'll discuss all the things that make Halloween great AND the things that make it suck. Candy, scary movies, slutty costumes, fake blood, satanism and so much more. So, join... more

Lindsay Lohan is posing for Playboy. The World Series took a rather bizarre turn. Tony Romo knocked up Miss Missouri (his wife). The race for the GOP nomination continues to entertain us. And, we had a couple of very controversial... more

*Sigh* Why does life suck so bad? Why is everything so hard? How many people are giggling at the words "suck" and "hard?" You know kids, Matt-Man and Jayman try to be happy-go-lucky rays of shushing, but sometimes they just... more

Happy Hump Day y'all! It's time once again for Matt-Man and Jayman to prep for their Saturday show live on the air. Along with that they will be talking about random stuff that comes up during the show. Things like Susan "The Pope is a... more

Did you know Saturday is "Sweetest Day?" No? Well, you men better get your butts to the store and pick up some sweets for your sweeties. Because if you don't there will be hell to pay. These ridiculous made up holidays matter!... more

As they do every Wednesday, Jayman and Matt-Man will be doing live, on-air, real time show prep for their Saturday show, but that's not all...oh no...They'll be talking about the GOP Debate, the decline of Ohio State Football, Tim... more

It's Yom Kippur kids, and you know what that means? Yup, time for you to call us up and atone for your sins against us and humanity. We'll discuss some of our sinning and other bad deeds too. There's also that old drunk Hank Williams Jr to... more

Amanda Knox is free, Chris Christie has freed himself from the GOP primaries and the Occupy Wall Street hippies are still better than you. And while all that is happening, Matt-Man and Jayman are still grinding it out, day-by-day. Listen in... more

Have you noticed that social media is just full of haters? These people are always pissed off at something. They never have a nice thing to say about anything and are always looking at the negative. And God forbid someone... more
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