People: They're the Worst

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People are rude and Matt-Man and Jayman have just about had enough of it. Not just people in real life, but online too. So, Matt and Jay are going to break this all down for you and see if they can figure out why this is the case. They'll talk about rude people they've encountered and even some of the rudest people in history. If there's time, Matt and Jay might also talk about times that they have been rude too.

Of course, there are some amazingly nice people out there too. People who go out of their way to be nice or helpful even when there is reason to other than they're nice people. Matt and Jay will celebrate those people too.

Plus, we'll have reports Slyder Balzcock, Paul Piatt, Bobby Kraft and who knows who else will chime in. All this and YOUR CALLS!

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