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IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents. Join us as we bring the funny and dominate the comedy world (in our own minds) every Sunday at 12 Noon ET!

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That's right kids! It's time once again for an IWS Radio Halloween Extravaganza!! Matt and Jay will celebrate all the scary things that make Halloween so great and so awful. Then they will rank Halloween treats and give advice on what you should hand out. Maybe they'll talk about their favoirte scary movies and what makes a good Halloween film. Also, Halloween means parties! What are the coolest costumes for 2014? Need some original ideas? Matt and Jay are all over that stuff! They'll help you plan the ultimate trick or treating celebration and give you a few do's and dont's to follow. The IWS Players will be along to do a dramatic reading of Edith Wharton's "All Souls." Joshua will sit down with Count Dracula for a deep, hard-hitting interview. We'll also hear from other IWS correspondents as they celebrate and analyze Halloween like no other show on internet radio. All that and YOUR CALLS! Join us for all the spooky and creepy fun. Or are you afraid???
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With the exception of those uber-bitter ISIS thugs, folks all over the world are celebrating the 2014 Oktoberfest season. Jay, Matt, and the staff of IWS Radio are no exception, and are having an Oktoberfest celebration of their own. Cold... more

It's amazing how many people say things to Matt and Jay like "you guys are just alike." Sure, they have a lot of similarities, but honestly Matt and Jay are very different people. It is weird that Matt and Jay often have the same weird... more

September 28, 2014 is a HUGE day. It's Ask a Stupid Question Day, Good Neighbor Day, and yes kids…even, Rabies Awareness Day!! Jay and Matt discuss all of the stupid questions ever asked by themselves and others. Talk... more

Matt-Man and Jayman are a bit concerned about some of you people. Apparenlty, some of are willing to just let your fears run your lives. "I would have called in, but I was afraid to." Really? Why? "I'm afraid someone will say something... more

There is so much going on this week that Jay and Matt and the IWS Radio team can't break it all down themselves. Going to war with ISIS…Ray and Janay Rice…Roger Goodell and the NFL lying to and hiding from... more

Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and several other super hot and very talented celebrities had their nude photos stolen and then leaked to the internet this week. Was this an reprehensible invation of their privacy or should... more

August may be coming to a close, but football season is just now kicking off. The dogs days of summer are waning and being tempered by the fun and frozen fundraising of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but of course…There are... more

It's the season five premiere bitches! And what a great season it's gonna be! Matt-Man and Jayman have all kinds of ideas for new, innovative and hilarious stuff for the new season. Well, at least they will by the time this episode airs.... more

After four years and 308 episodes of IWS Radio…Jay, Matt, and the IWS gang celebrate their anniversary with a cavalcade of hot babes and cold beer, during a hilarious retrospective involving their favorite episodes, audio clips, and... more

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets are a great place to express one's ideas and thoughts, however…Do people go too far sometimes? Do they over share? Are people sometimes a bit too open about... more
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