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Illuminations Media Network is dedicated to inspire it's audience to reach their full potential in every aspect of life! Local, global, spiritual, mental, and physical perspectives of our ever changing world are all considered.

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The Illuminations Media Network is pleased to welcome Clairvoyant Astrologer Mona to our monthly line up! Join us the last Sunday of each month LIVE for the New Astrological Weather report with Clairvoyant, Astrologer and Card Reader Mona. She has been in the feild for over 30 years. Get answers to questions important only to you. Uses three abilities simultaneously (intuitive perception, Astrology, and card layout to gain insightful details and specific timelines). ?It's like there is a psychic clock in her head.? Call in and answers like; the best time for you to take an action such as get married, start a business, file a lawsuit, to conceive a child, have an operation. Mona predicts outcome of trials, whether a relationship will work, hours best to gamble, will book be published, how long until employed, when will my house sell . Help in determining times to overcome addictions with as much ease as possible. Dream interpretations are available. Karmic lessons can be determined. Mona often gets visionary images of past life roles her clients have played. Credits: Hosted own radio call in program; appeared on TV panel shows; used by metro-city police department to assist in locating fugitives and missing people. She has also taught all levels of Astrology in two colleges for seven years.
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Vintage 2009 conversation with Dr Delbert Blair on the fascinating subject of Halloween traditions, such as masks & costumes, bobbing for apples, witches hats, pumpkin carving and their metaphysical meanings. He also enlightens... more

The New PsycZone 2 full hours with Psychologists Dr. Ellen Kenner & Dr. Dom Back to back advice and practical guidance you can use to navigate through life's most challanging issues. First Hour The Rational Basis of Happiness®... more

This week's topics: Rated PG-13 Should I tell my girlfriend I am a 36 year old virgin? What can I do to treat my own schizophrenia? Abuse I suffered as a child has shut down my ability to feel emotions. How self-permissions and evasions... more

This week's topics: Dr. Dom and the crew talk about inspiraton. What inspires you? What motivates you? The Illuminations Media Network is pleased to welcome Dr. Dom Radio to our weekly lineup. The Dr. Dom Radio Show is a... more

Vinatge 2008 Meditation Book Club: Prayer No matter how you pray, now ist the time to do it!! Special thanks to the author, Iyanla Vanzant and her delicious book One Day My Soul Just Opened Up Closing musical inspiration: Co-Creation by... more

Today I'm joined by Dr John Sutherland MD, cardiologist, bariatric phsician, and founder of North Mountain Cardio in Phoenix, AZ. He explains why the 'paleo' diet may not be everyone's best choice, also ketogenic, and his focus - preventative... more

This week's topics: I am afraid that if I disclose to my childhood friend that I love her, I will lose her as a good friend. I want to change my career but am floundering as to how to go about it. My medication-induced intimacy problem is... more

This week's topics: Does it really take just 21 days to create a new habit? Dr. Dom and the crew explore habit formation in detail. The Illuminations Media Network is pleased to welcome Dr. Dom Radio to our weekly lineup. The Dr.... more

A deep and compelling conversation with Alex Teplish author of In the Beginning: The Epic of the Anunnaki. Alex invites you to join him on this intriguing journey: "Ancient Legends, myths, and religions from around the world have spoken of... more
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