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Illuminations Media Network is dedicated to inspire it's audience to reach their full potential in every aspect of life! Local, global, spiritual, mental, and physical perspectives of our ever changing world are all considered.

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This Week's Topics: Why can't I make eye contact with people, including my wife and mom? The freedom to grieve. I can't stop lying. My son lost his pet in a car accident. How to deal with a girlfriend who is always nagging me. How to deal with getting old. People who freak out at the dentist. The Rational Basis of Happiness® with Dr. Ellen Kenner. Dr. Ellen is a clinical psychologist and co-author of the selfish path to romance. Each week Dr. Ellen answers questions from listeners on a range of personal issues (e.g., family, parenting, work issues) Contact Dr. Ellen: (877) DRKENNER
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R.J. Wellington was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and moved to the U.S. in 1989 at the age of 19. His innovative system encompass the best self-development practices of the East and West, and have been fused into his personal coaching... more

This Week's Topics: Why has our good parenting created a bad son? I can't got over the death of a dear friend. Numbing pain with alcohol. I am ostracized by a group of co-workers. Why do so many people feel guilty spending their own... more

This Week's Topic: Stupidity Ever do stupid things, get irritated when others do stupid stuff? The Illuminations Media Network is pleased to welcome Dr. Dom Radio to our weekly lineup. The Dr. Dom Radio Show is a radio show about... more

Luminary Spot light: Michelle Anne Michelle Anne was once a coach just like you. A serious disruption to her life required that she step back from coaching clients and instead, offer support to many of her coaching colleagues through virtual... more

Is fear holding you back from being where you want to be, doing what you want to do, and living the life you want to live? In todays episode Jim talks about his experience working with cliens, his own fears, and what you can do to get over... more

July 2014 Astrological Weather: Mercury Retrograde is over at last! Jupiter in Leo ?Metaphysical Investigation: What's the coorelation between Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry, and Playing cards? Join us the last Sunday of each month LIVE for... more

This week's topics: My bio daughter wants her step dad to walk her down the aisle. How to tell if a girl is a good romantic match. Giving gifts out of guilt. My older brother seems more emotionally distant since he moved cross... more

This week's Topic: The Trouble with Public School Education Part 2 Teachers Government funding Charter schools Private schools School districts The Illuminations Media Network is pleased to welcome Dr. Dom Radio to our weekly... more

Maggie Steele is a certified Life Coach and author of How I Got My S!*t Together: An Introspective Workbook to Help You Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life. As a Coach, she offer Academic Coaching, Career Coaching, Life coaching... more
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